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Jun 1, 2015

Gardening exotic straight from Africa

Exotic plants are sought by gardeners all over the planet, making them part of a global business where beauty is more important than cost. South African flora is very unique in the world. Many species of succulents only grow in South Africa and Namibia. 


Nothing excites gardeners more than encountering a splendid new plant at the nursery.

It might be a familiar species blooming in a new hue or one with leaves that are larger or smaller or splashed with color. It could be an entirely unfamiliar species whose beauty mesmerizes the gardener, leaving him no choice but to get out his wallet.

Behind each alluring bit of vegetation lies a story. Someone brought the plant into this country. Somebody grew and field-tested the plant in the different climate. Somebody took cuttings to propagate it and hauled the plants around to nurseries and convinced retailers to add them to their stock.

For some gardeners, this means an expanding selection of plants suited to our microclimates: cloud forest flowers for the foggy coast, tough Australians that thrive on poor soil and little water, and colorful new cultivars from specialists in Europe and England.

But, the search for seeds or young plants can be time-consuming and very demanding, when trying to find the perfect plants supplier for your home or office garden.


You can find many plants and seeds dealers on the market, either stores or websites, wich can provide resources and information to grow your own exotic garden, in office or at home.

Sebenza Wholesale Farm is a large wholesale nursery with a wide selection of indigenous and exotic plant material on the Lower South Coast, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

The company has been supplying the South African Green Industry (Nurseries, Landscapers and Developers) with plant material successfully for the past 30 years, delivering nationwide with their fleet of trucks.

South Africa, having a diverse wealth of both exotic and indigenous flora, gives Sebenza the opportunity to source a vast amount of plant material, ranging from bulbs, cuttings, seed, speedlings, splits and rhizomes, all readily available for export.

Some of the species

Exquisite orchids, vibrant bromeliads, regal palms, towering ficus, lush dracaenas, or a new collection of hungry, carnivorous plants are available to feed your adventurous side.

Bamboo seeds are very rare, due to the fact, that bamboo is rarely flowering and producing seeds. From many bamboo species there are no seeds available at all. The germination of bamboo seeds is quite easy and explained in detail in our sowing instructions. With bamboo seeds, you can really save money and grow your own bamboo plants or bamboo hedge.

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowering plants. The sowing of orchid seeds requires a green thumb and some experience, but it is a challenge, if you manage to raise yourself orchids from seed. 

Caudiciforms are fascinating plants and very sought after. Caudiciforms usually grow in dry areas and store water in their interior so they can withstand long periods of time without access to water. There are many caudiciform species. The sowing of these seeds is relatively simple and almost self-managed, demanding very little time. 

Carnivorous plants are one of the most fascinating plant species. There are more than 1000 different species of carnivorous plants. The species take up most of their nutrients through their catching leaves. 


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