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Apr 1, 2015

From work to fun

Kupava is a belarus company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of modified vehicles and trailers. From industry standards to personalized motorhomes, Kupava dominates its market and wants to grow even more.


The history of this enterprise dates back to 1990, when Kupava started manufacturing travel trailers based on one of the workshops of Minsk Automobile Plant. Applied technology and equipment were purchased from a Slovenian company - a leading manufacturer of travel trailers and motor homes. Since then the manufacturing range has been considerably expanded, several versions of commercial trailers, mobile shops, insulated bodies and vans fitted to various MAZ, ZIL and GAZ chassis became available for costumers.

Nowadays KUPAVA products encompass many spheres of life. The KUPAVA model range is comprised of more than 100 different models and available modifications of trailers and vans. Apart from standard commercial trailers, vending kiosks and pavilions, Kupava offers a wide range of trailers designed for fast-food selling, trailer grills, sales trailers for meat and dairy products. KUPAVA Mobile shops are involved in all spheres of trade. The company offers kiosks for newspapers and magazines distribution, mobile shops designed for baby food transportation and sale as well as mobile vending kiosks for healthcare products and medical supplies. Besides KUPAVA offers a wide range of equipment to be installed, such as refrigerated transport units, refrigerated display case and shop-windows, or special commercial furniture. Numerous Russian and Belarusian meat product manufacturers gave their preference to mobile shops and insulated vans.

A new technological line for sandwich panels manufacturing has opened new opportunities for KUPAVA. Being the main structural component of all manufactured products, sandwich panels considerably improved the usage of trailers, bodies and vans.

The company continues to pay much attention to tourism vehicles. Motor homes and travel trailers still have no comparison to other brands and makers within the borders of the former Soviet Union.

KUPAVA motor homes and travel trailers have been produced since the beginning of the company's business activity. Plans and new ideas of KUPAVA design personnel were implemented in new models of campervans and travel trailers that are inferior in their properties to none of the best foreign analogues.

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