Feb 1, 2017


The recent introduction on the market of the Lumify X9 flashlight has generated lots of talk about if it should be accessible to every civilian. Built after military technology and products, this flashlight is so powerful, it can be understood as a weapon.

The Lumify X9 is a LED flashlight which can perform various brightness levels, zooms and strobe lightings. The flashlight body is built out of aircraft aluminium, making it light and easy to use. The flashlight is 5.1 inches long (13 centimetres) when compressed, and 6 inches (15 centimetres) long when extended.

The manufacturer claims it is the brightest flashlight in the market, today, and they even made a sales promotion (75% discount) in order to sell easier all around the world.  Promotional video from the company, shows it can survive and still work after being run over by a 50 tons truck.

This very special gadget is suitable for camping, as well as for military actions and it is used by most of the special army forces around the world. The lamp life is calculated in 100,000 hours and it is powered by three simple AAA batteries, making it easy to replace if needed.

The light output is 800 lumens, pattern unit approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Optical tests show it is more than enough to temporarily disorient or blind an attacker, for instance. The downside of it is, it has so much light power, it depletes the batteries very fast. Nothing you should worry, as it's easy to find new batteries at any local store.

Why the buzz?

Such lighting power, also means it can cause fire onto any combustion material, a feature which can be very useful for camping lovers. It can also cook an egg in a matter of minutes.

The strobe functionality can be very useful in emergency situation, if you want to alert someone to your position. And, in case of assault, in can cause a stroke to the attacker.

All the buzz is coming from those who defend it should only be used by specially skilled personnel like army troops or police officers. Several countries in the world are aiming to approve some laws which should lead to it.

Meanwhile, if you're a camping lover enjoy it.

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