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Apr 1, 2017


If you already felt the chill when looking at the price of a camel wool coat, just think of the comfort such investment can bring you in the coldest nights. Camel wool is a soft, cute, comfortable warm and breathable fabric.

This is a fabric often used in the making of luxury clothing, given its value. Which, clearly reflects the cost of the transformation processes, rather complex and specialized.

Camel wool is made exclusively out of Bactrian camel hair (the two humps camel). Unlike the dromedary (one hump camel), which inhabits the hot climates of the African deserts, the Bactrian inhabits far more cold and high regions as are the deserts of Mongolia and China.

Bactrian camel hair is, therefore, longer, softer and warmer. It is a thick and rough hair and it can grow up to 45 cm long.

Unlike sheep and goats, which need be regularly shorn in order to collect the hair for further weaving, Bactrian camels change their hair every year by the springtime end or the beginning of summer, in a process which can last for six to eight weeks.

The collected wool can vary from golden tan, to dark and red brown, or even a darker colour, almost black. Usually it is composed by two types of fibre: protection hair, which are longer; and base hair, much shorter.

The base hair (e to 12 cm) are used more frequently in textile production, such as rugs or blankets.

The protection hair are the ones which are conducted for larger scale production. In the process, the hairs are carded to align the fibres and, next, they are yarn to braids or fabrics, also using a mixture of sheep or goat hair, as happens with the cashmere goat, in Mongolia. This procedure, however, doesn't remove its softness and texture, nor even the original colour from the natural camel hair.

The clothing made out of camel wool are extremely rare, soft, with shiny looks and, also, light and strong.

These fabrics retain the heat (because the camel hair is hollow) and keep their breathable capacity. They are almost impossible to stain and they have an anti-static effect, which means they don't gather dust or bacteria, neither they cause allergies.

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