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Jan 1, 2015

From Goat to Garment

It is well known that the Mongolian herders are deeply rooted to their ancient traditions. Gobi is always respectful of the various traditions when working with the nomadic herders in different parts of Mongolia. It is this close relationship with the local herders that led to the gathering and processing one of the world's finest natural fibers.

Established in 1981, Gobi Corporation is Mongolia's leading manufacturer of cashmere and camel wool products, with reputation for being one of the largest representatives of the country's light industry, while also being a quintessentially definitive image of the luxury of natural fibres through an extensive network of international partners on the global scope, all built up for the past three decades. Their operations are vertically integrated and the factory is one of a kind on its own, equipped with modern Italian, Japanese and German equipment. The mean age is 25 years and there are strictly no underage employees, making Gobi one of the few ethical producers in the global industry, where it stands as one of the 5 largest vertically-integrated producers. The company has an array of prizes from domestic and international exhibitions for the luxurious characteristics of its products that also retains, and never loses, the natural properties of the delicate fibres. In addition, Gobi implemented international quality management standard ISO 9001-2000 for the first time in Mongolia. Gobi is a full-time member of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and is one of the Top-100 companies of Mongolia.

The best fibers

After selecting the required amount of only the best quality fibers, Gobi's representatives travel back to the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, with their precious cargo. When the raw cashmere fibers arrive at the Gobi Factory, 1,250 highly skilled employees receive them and begin to work their magic.

The fibers first go through some of the most skillful employees, who put rigorous effort on sorting the cashmere using their eyes and hands. Then the sorted fibers are washed to clean all impurities from them. Now the much cleaner cashmere fibers are dehaired in order to separate the greasy and coarse outer hairs from the fibers. Dehairing is a very delicate process. The factory needs to be kept in precise temperature and humidity to achieve optimum results.

The company held the official opening ceremony of their Textile Plant and introduced the latest, newly installed programmed machineries that fully meet European standards. The Textile Plant has ordered and installed braiding machines «KARL MAYER» from Germany, and transfer and braiding machine «BE.MA.TEX» from Italy modified to suit the qualities of Mongolian cashmere. The braiding capacity increased from 300 meter yarn to 1000 meters, with the ability to produce 300.000 meters textile products yearly, resulting in a two-fold increase in capacity.

As a result, we are planning to double our production of sewn products including cashmere fabric, textile coat, suit and deel. It is also the first time in Mongolia that those technologies are specific as it waxes and weaves by the finest yarn. New technology will protect the yarn from breaking during the weaving process so that final products to the consumers will be more thin and fine.

During the six years since its privatization, Gobi Corporation has made an investment of MNT 26.5 billion ( aprox. 133,000,000 USD), fully renovating the factory's machineries and equipment and improving the productivity of production and the quality of products to compete in the world market. The annual capacity of woven products increased by 100.000 pieces after installing 20 whole garment machines for seamless weaving; the productivity duplicated by installing the latest technology for the drying and weighing stage of cashmere printing from Japan and the USA, and the productivity incrased by 40% by installing machines to paint 100 kg on the Paint plant. The factory also renovated sewing equipment for embroidery on all kinds of knitted, woven and sewn products and installed the latest embroidery machine of Tajima group, Japan.

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