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Mar 1, 2015

Fresh and Soft

Refriango is an Angolan company founded with Portuguese and Angolan capital. It specializes in soft drinks and its production plant was set up in 2002.


Refriango has recently launched two soft drinks, one under its own brand name and another through a concession from a North American company.

Activities related to importing, distribution, financing, administration, marketing and human resources of Refriango and Abastango are performed by Luanday-Distribução e Servicios Internacionais Lda. Because of Angola's fast-paced economic development and the company's leading position, thanks to its quality and well-known products, in the medium term Refriango plans to invest in technology, innovation, communication and personnel training and to form new partnerships with other players in the sector.

Refriango gets 12 Monde Selection medals

Bordeaux - The Angolan beverage company Refriango Monday in Bordeaux, France, got 12 medals in the "Monde Selection" international contest, for the quality and innovation of its products.

The contest awarded Refriango two golden medals for its "Nutry Manga" juice and "Pura" mineral water, seven gold for its "Blue Maracujá" juice, "Welwitchia" tonic water, "Blue Polpa Ananás" "Blue Polpa Laranja", "Tutti Múcua" and "Tutti Sapé-sape" juices and a silver medal for the "Super Cuia Chocolate Morango".

Of the above mentioned drinks, "Blue Maracujá"and "Nutry Manga" were awarded in 2014 the "High Quality Trophy", only awarded to products that get a gold medal for three consecutive years.

Meanwhile, Refriango's executive director, Estevão Daniel, said the recognition by such a prestigious entity as "Monde Selection" confirms the capacity of the Angolan industry and proves that it is possible to create, produce and trade products that can compete with others of high quality standards from around the world.

Monde Selection is an international institution founded in 1961 that deals in certifying the quality of consumer goods produced around the world, through a panel of professional and fully independent juries.

Refriango, which specializes in the production of soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and mineral water, started its activity in 2005, having currently a capacity to produce one billion liters a year. Its plant covers an area of 42 acres and employs four thousand and five hundred workers, and the company operates in more than ten African countries, with stress to Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa.

"Refriango " signed an agreement for a strategic partnership with the Portuguese Delta Cafés group, making Delta the official distributor of "Refriango" in Portugal. Distribution of the Blue brand is to start in June, and this process will cover all channels of the Portuguese market, through the launch, in a first phase, of orange, pineapple, passion fruit and guarana flavours. This partnership represents an important step toward the internationalization of the Blue drink brand.

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