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Dec 1, 2016


If you dream with unique shoes and that will fit perfectly, you can find the answer in John Lobb brand. Here, imagination becomes reality, and the shoes are true works of art in which comfort is associated with perfection.

In 1866 appeared in London, England, John Lobb, a shoes brand for men that quickly distinguished by its elegance, quality and beauty. In 1902, it opened doors also in Paris, France. The shoes are handmade and stand out in the market for unmatched quality and comfort.

John Lobb has won customers from many countries, and its success is due to the three traded "signatures": Ready-to-wear; By Request; Bespoke.

Ready-to-wear provides permanent and seasonal collections that consist of oxford, derby, loafer models, among others.

In by Request service, the customer can choose a pair of shoes that fits in his style and personality. He can choose from 150 available models and enjoy the advice of an expert's team. The process begins with the choice of the model (oxford, derby, with buckle, moccasins, classic John Lobb or contemporary model). Then, proceed to the customization according with personal needs and desires, looking to special elements such as leather, color, size, components and sole. This brand is distinguished also by the possibility of creating a specific monogram made up of the initials of the customer's name.

For the customer who wants to enjoy the art of a shoe made-to-measure, it is available the Bespoke service at number 32 in "Rue de Mogador", in Paris. Each pair of shoes is thought to detail in the various stages of production to match the customer's wishes and adapt perfectly to his feet. This service represents in fullness the traditional art of making shoes, in which a highly qualified professional devotes about 50 hours to each pair.

The brand creator, John Lobb, was born in 1829 in England, United Kingdom. He went to London as a young apprentice bootmaker. Life took him to Australia, where stood making boots for miners. In 1866, already in London, he opened in "Regent Street" his first men´s shoe store. The society quickly recognized his talent, conquering a vast clientele, which includes members of the aristocracy, business and politics.

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