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Nov 1, 2017


In some ways, it represents a life dedicated to beauty and perfection. We are talking about the magnificent work performed by Fawaz Gruosi over the largest D-color flawless diamond ever found and owned presently by the luxury jeweller De Grisogono.



It is named after the day it was found, in the Lulo Mine, in Angola, in 2016: "4 de Fevereiro" (4th February). And it's "merely" the 27th biggest rough white diamond ever discovered and the largest in Angola.

Fawaz Gruosi, founder of De Grisogono, purchased the diamond and had it analysed in Antwerp. After that, a team of ten diamond-cutting specialists were involved in mapping, plotting, cleaving, laser-cutting and polishing the rough into the gem – the cutting process alone took 11 months.

The art of Fawaz Gruosi did the rest and now it's the centerpiece of an asymmetric necklace with a trailing on the left side of 18 green emeralds and to the right, two rows of pear-shaped white emeralds, offering a contrasting appearance (Gruosi believes green is synonym to good luck).

The gems are perfectly matched and the gold used to assemble the necklace is darkened, in order to create the chiaroscuro effect that is the face of De Grisogono jewels and turn it almost invisible as well.

The prongs holding in place the 163.41-carat diamond disappear under four baguette-cut diamonds creating an effect of dazzling brilliance. The reverse side of the gold basket is engraved with the diamond's weight and set with more diamonds.

In all the creation of the necklace involved 14 craftsmen and more than 1700 hours.

The finished piece, named The Art of De Grisogono has been presented in a series of public viewings around the world and the necklace is up for auction at Christie's, in Geneva, next November 14.

An aesthete

Fawaz Gruosi was born on August, 8, 1952 and he spent his childhood with his Italian mother in Florence, Italy, city of culture, good taste and aesthetics which would influence and inspire him permanently.

Such influence led him to acquire the necessary training and very soon he was already working his way to the very top echelons of the fine jewellery world.

He founded De Grisogono in 1993, along with two associates, based on the Rue de Rhône, in Geneva. The name came from one of the associates who mentioned his mother had originally been the Marquises de Grisogono. The name sounded powerful, mysterious and aristocrat enough, perfect for the luxury and exclusivity they were planning.

Two years later, Gruosi took the reins and acquired the sole control of De Grisogono, to follow his own ideas, his personal vision for a new generation of precious jewellery. He took huge risks during his career but he always placed in his work his passion for jewels and gemstones, as well as his perfect design and a total dedication to innovation.

His almost immediate success gave him strength and confidence. Since the foundation of De Grisogono, Gruosi has been showing his unique approach to the world of fine jewellery, developing a personal style, much appreciated and admired by all the great "connaisseurs".

Fawaz is the kind of creative mind who doesn't leave any part of his work in other hands than his own. In the creative process, he demands to be always present and his creations show a distinctly anti-commercial attitude, even though he admits he is a very impatient man.

Currently, he still exhibits a vivacious personality, a true passion for beauty and a restless spirit of adventure through his art. 

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