Nov 30, 2015

Find everything, anywhere

We lose things, all the time. It's a simple, every day problem that deserves an equally simple yet efficient solution. That's how Lapa was born.

Lapa is an object finder unlike any before it. Still, good enough isn't enough, so its creators turned a good gadget into a great gadget. Better in every way and engineered to keep up with an active lifestyle, with Lapa 2 you'll find your things, no matter what.

Controlled entirely from an app, Lapa 2 uses Bluetooth to keep you connected to your things. Hang it from your keys or stick it to your bag, and Lapa 2 will keep your things safe during all your adventures.

After a successful Lapa 1, clients told the creators what they wanted, what they needed to protect their belongings – and the engineers made it happen.  They re-envisioned the Bluetooth tracker, all the while considering the consumer experience first.

Because it's attached to your things, Lapa's design is as important as its technology. Every inch, every line and every curve was thought out to combine maximum performance with an attractive look and feel.

Lapa 2 maintains its original signature shape, but it's the added details that make it truly elegant and bold. Whether it's to be attached to your keys, inside your wallet,  or hanging from your backpack, Lapa fits perfectly with your life, your style, and your things. 

Lapa 2 is waterproof and bi-injected with polycarbonate and EPDM – that is to say, it's ready for war. Tough against abrasion, Lapa 2 takes its signature curvy design to a whole new level of endurance, keeping its shape and sleekness despite your wildest adventures.

Lapa responds to your call through sound and light. In your house or in the street, under the couch cushions or inside a purse, you just can't miss it. And thanks to an incorporated LED, you'll easily spot it, even in the dark. 

Lapa creators packed the latest technology into a device so small and so slim, it can be attached to any object and still maintain a clean, sleek look. In fact, Lapa 2 is smaller than a smart watch and twice as slim.

Tottaly funded via IndieGoGo, the first Lapa 2 devices will be shipped in January 2016.

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