Apr 1, 2017


For those who are reading, this moment, this magazine, it is a normal exercise which doesn't require any special effort than, apparently, keeping the eyes open in order to decode graphically the letters assembling them into words.

Sure, sure! Only it is not that simple for everybody. Now imagine a blind person trying to perform the same exercise. Now, do you see…? I think not.

Eric Gallegos, Dotincorp's CEO, from South Korea, also didn't quite see clearly how was it that a colleague from Washington University, United States, blind, still had to carry huge weight of books, while the rest of the class mates walked around with a simple tablet, containing all needed information for their studies.

Eric was aware that the adaptive technologies regarding the use of tablets by blind people were too expensive, unreliable and didn't show much of innovation, above all at what regarded to the use of Braille.

Thus came up the idea of developing technological products, at affordable prices, for the visual impaired.

And, in 2016, the smart Braille watch "Dot" was presented. It is a unique design piece, able to place on the 43 mm screen, not only the time, but also Braille messages instead of texts or graphics. To achieve it, it uses a fully Braille display, powered by electro-dynamic cells to display the messages.

The display, using only four pins (letters) works with touch sensors. Which means that, when the user finger reaches the fourth pin, the first of them is already being updated so that a quick reading is allowed, without the need to recharge the information.

It is not a device suitable for reading books, much like other smart watches are not, too. But it is a device which, as the others, displays text messages, social media notifications, as well as other useful information in Braille.

Although it is the first watch ever to display the time, in Braille, up to the second, the South-Korean company is developing software which will allow it to pair with other useful applications for a regular daily use.

For the time, the software is available in English and South-Korean. However, it's already foreseen other versions in Spanish, Arabic, French, German and Italian.

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