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Oct 1, 2015

Fashion 360º

From the small modeling agency to the fashion and events management company, 14 years have passed. Today, Fashion Studio presents unique a range of services and the ability to deal with all types of events.


Sandrina Francisco is the mentor of Fashion Studio. Working as a professional model for several years, she has founded this professional project wich hasn't stopped growing so far. "I had a lot of model friends and there was no modeling agency in Leiria, the city where I lived. So I came up with the idea to make one. And an idea grew into a project:" – Sandrina tells us.

The project grew, and moved to Lisbon. A bigger team and a better management capacity for more and better events in the Fashion and Luxury sectors.

Fashion Studio has around 80 names in its portfolio, from fashion models and event hostesses to actors or presenters. Booking marked the early days of the company, but the need to expand its business areas was felt really soon.

Presently, Fashion Studio is the organizer of several fashion events, both in Portugal and abroad. Ecofashion by Amarsul, the fashion show at the Óbidos International Chocolate Festival, Moda sem Fronteiras or MODA PT.BR are just some examples of the company's activity, among others. "Each project is unique, so we think of each project individually. We choose the best team according to each client and I try to surround myself with the best in each area. We always work to suprise our public and offer more
than we're requested".

To help and support the entire company, Fashion Studio also has a photography and fashion team, comprising photographers, hairstylists, make-up artists and fashion advisors, among other professionals aimed to work on fashion editorials and catalogues.

For 7 years Fashion Studio has produced and directed the only fashion TV show in the portuguese TV network RTP, wich led to the creation of the present audio and video team, which has produced videoclips, TV shows, institutional videos and advertising.

The company has also worked on promoting portuguese fashion - with its own showroom and workshop - and helping portuguese designers and creators through events such as Portuguese Fashion Design. Fashion Studio also colaborates with schools and multinational companies and brands.

Fashion Studio's presence outside of Portugal grows each day, always with the aim to promote portuguese fashion and brands. According to Sandrina Francisco "We travel abroad frequently to divulge portuguese brands, either in fairs, meetings or conventions. Our goal is always to establish partnerships. As a fashion consultant for União de Exportadores – CPLP, I always try to build bridges between designers and CPLP manufacturers. Recently we headed to Brazil with several brands of shoes and accessories to showcase in the local market." Being present in this South-American country allowed Fashion Studio to establish partnerships with several entities, such as modeling agencies, universities and fashion schools.

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