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Feb 1, 2015

Fascinating Solutions

Bulthaup is renowend worldwide for its architecture of living spaces. Architecture, innovation and precision are characteristic of the brand. It offers the customers a comprehensive promise of quality, the security os seamless design solutions and confidence on all of the world's markets.


Bulthaaup delivers a service that is truly unmistakable: the design of living spaces that are planned holistically, based on the architecture of the room and the individual needs of the customer.

New functional solutions and elegant color accents for bulthaup b3
Milan, April 2014 - The product installation at the via Durini showroom in Milan showcases the many possibilities for creativity and customization presented by the bulthaup b3 range. The newly introduced functional storage solutions and exclusive colors and materials ensure even greater planning freedom.

Shutter unit
The new, highly practical bulthaup shutter unit can be installed as a top-mounted unit on the worktop, or integrated into a series of tall units. The shutter slats are available in all bulthaup b3 kitchen front materials. Depending on the material and color, the shutters can harmoniously blend with the rest of the kitchen or serve as a striking design feature in their own right. Thanks to the flat shape of the slats, they form a flush surface with the shutter unit. Complete with a robust, easy-to-clean stainless steel base, it is perfect for efficiently storing coffee machines, food processors and other small appliances, and allowing them to be easily accessed anytime without an open door getting in the way.

Soft-touch caramel
With their velvety texture, unit fronts featuring the new soft-touch paint deliver an extraspecial tactile experience. Their exceptional matte surface finish affords a highly attractive appearance and makes for an out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere. In addition to the warm brown shades of lava, cashmere and clay, a new, lighter color is now available: caramel.

Structured larch
Bulthaup is expanding its structured oak range to include a new type of wood: structured larch. The natural wood lacquer offers effective protection without impacting the texture of the original grain pattern. The natural look and feel and dynamic personality of the wood guarantee a fascinating visual and haptic experience. Available with vertical or horizontal grain patterns, the structured wood fronts are ideal for creating attractive accents in kitchens  that have an otherwise very smooth and serene appearance. The existing shades for structured oak - natural gray, black brown, white, black gray and bronze brown - are now joined by structured larch in smoked and light.

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