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Apr 1, 2015

Falling in Love with Azerbaijan

Gabala district is located at the foot of Great Caucasus mountain range. Ruins of the ancient town Kabala are 22 km from the city center. The abundance of attractions, beautiful nature and well developed infrastructure attract thousands of tourists.

During archaeological excavations in the territory of Gabala, remnants of various constructions belonging to different periods of history, such as defense walls, jewelry, earthenware crockery, glassware and ceramics were found. It is worth visiting Nokhur Lake, Michikh waterfall, Laza, Duruja and Gamarvan villages, Seven Beauties waterfalls and chestnut grove, located on mountain slopes at height of 1000 m. Since the mountains are suitable for skiing, a modern summer & winter resort Tufandagh was established to serve ski lovers. Located in the heart of of Gabala, Qafqaz Hotels & Resorts is the ideal place for individuals and groups to hide in tranquility, as they escape daily confusion and retreat to this amazing site. You will have unforgettable stay in an atmosphere of a unique place, carefully decorated with a combination of past and modernity. The hotels are the perfect oasis for couples and families looking for private and peaceful retreat. Qavqaz Hotels & Resorts invites you to enjoy traditional Azerbaijani hospitality with its dining options, modern spa services and helpful staff. The town also hosts an annual international classical music, jazz and mugham music festival, which hosts bands and artists from around the world. Every two years within its limits is held a contest of piano art.

The Gabala Qafqaz City Hotel is a good choice, both for the tourists who visit Gabala for sightseeing, and those who visit for business meetings. It is located right in the heart of the city. The opening of this Hotel with 80 rooms took place in 2011. It has 53 superior suites, with 23m2 each, and 28 junior suites with 40m2 each. The Junior suites have double and single beds. All the rooms are provided with central air-conditioning system, wireless internet, satellite television, a writing desk, soft furniture, a telephone set and a hairdryer. Hotel guests can enjoy the 120 m2 large restaurant for 70 people, and the 120 m2 large bar for 25-35 guests.

Qafqaz Riverside Resort Hotel is located on a site with a area of 20,250 m² in the resort of ​​Gabala district, on the bank of river Damiraparan, where spectacular views where you'll be chermed by the snowcapped mountains and dazzling emerald greenery of the virgin forests.

The distance from the city center of Baku is 220 km, but only 28km from Qabala international airport.

5 * star "Qafqaz Point Hotel" has been designed with modern amenities to accommodate both the leisure and business travelers. The hotel is located nearby to the interesting places where you can visit. So, the distance to the Heydar Aliyev International Airport is 27.6 km, Baku Expo Centre 29.1 km, 4.4 km Old City.

Caucasus Beach Hotel is located in Lankaran on the beautifully unique coast-line of the Caspian Sea, Which is the star of Azerbaijani tourism in regards to its breathtaking nature, culture and rich cuisine.

The favorable location of the hotel allows it to serve both recreational and business purposes. The Caucasus Beach Hotel is designed for multi-purpose recreation; providing entrancing recreation with its endlessly beautiful landscape. We welcome you to enjoy your stay in Lankaran with our restaurant, health club and beautiful beach.

Halil Duru, General Coordinator of Gilan Tourism &Qafqaz Hotels and Resorts, comments: "

Qafqaz has become a recognized brand name, and it is one of Azerbaijan's first hotel chains. At the same time, Qafqaz hotels are also schools. We have provided our staff with comprehensive training on the subtleties of the tourism and hotel sector. As a matter of fact, we are proud that some of our former employees have moved on to join internationally renowned hotels using the training and experience they have obtained at Qafqaz Hotels. As a group, we are working on promoting the brand name of Qafqaz Hotels and Resorts, not only in Azerbaijan, but also around the world. To this end, we participate in annual international tourism exhibitions. However, it is worth noting that Qafqaz Hotels is already known fairly well throughout the world. It is very gratifying indeed that Qafqaz hotels are gaining international recognition as a chain of Azerbaijani hotels. I am very proud of that".

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