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Aug 1, 2016


Moscow, the capital of Russia, will host in mid-September, an event exclusively dedicated to the traditional Portuguese food products, such as wines, cheeses, jams and meats. The event is organized by Competir Internacional, a Portuguese company that operates as a platform between small Portuguese producers and international distributors.

Founded just four years ago, Competir Internacional decided to invest in the development of exports of traditional Portuguese products, as a result of a gap in the export market for small and medium enterprises in the country.

The company, whose "parent" is located in Lisbon, Portugal, is part of a Group of national and international companies acting in the field of providing services, in Portuguese and international markets, being one of the leaders in the field of Education.

The vast experience of the Group results from the precise knowledge of the domestic market, in the context of industrial and service companies, as well as foreign markets in which they wish to act. This way, it managed to create a network of partners in various areas of activity in the markets where it is already present, and also those where it is aiming to act. The experience and the synergy allow them to act as a catapult of Portuguese products to foreign markets, bringing together small domestic producers and international distributors.

This objective has already been achieved, through the realization and participation in Fairs, Tastings, and Prospecting Visits to both national, and international markets. Cape Verde, more specifically in Praia city, Hungary, Sirha in Budapest, "Worldfood Warsaw" in Poland, and more recently Kazakhstan, were some of the places to which Competir Internacional presented Portuguese food products, such as wine, cheese, and charcuterie.

The eastern markets are also a part of the company's growth strategy, which now focuses, nothing more nothing less, than in the main point of decision-making in the region - Moscow, in Russia, next September. Usually, the company bets on innovative and differentiated products for each market, so the approach that will be taken in Russia consist of displaying various categories of products, such as: wines, for example Port Wine, Moscatel of Douro and the Madeira Wine; gins and rums, olive oil, as well as olives, compotes, coffee, rice, herbs, and many other products of plant origin.

Amongst the most recent and innovative choices of this company, the highlight goes to the "paint tubes" of different fruit compotes. Inspired by the world of painting, in particular, oil painting, they are available in a palette of colours with shades of various fruits.

These compotes are handmade, they contain 55% fruit and are packed in tubes, carefully labelled, and manually placed in a box. All jams are prepared with Portuguese fruits and raw materials, with the classification "PDO" (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). Blueberries, currants, raspberries, figs, oranges, cherries, watermelon, plums, pumpkin, passion fruit, kiwi, are some of the biological fruits used in the preparation of the jams, to which herbs are added, like cinnamon, mint and thyme, and wine, such as "Moscatel of Douro", "Port Wine", "Madeira Wine", and "Brandy". Thus, in the "Fair" to be held in Moscow, one can prove something absolutely unique, like "Fundão Cherry Extra Jam with Brandy " or "Blueberry and vanilla Extra Jam, with Port Wine", "Black Chocolate Cream with Passion Fruit", "Honey Orange Blossom with Chilli" or "Biological Multifloral Honey", among many other flavours. An experience that will surely surprise the connoisseurs of sophisticated flavours.

Besides the food sector, Competir Internacional also supports the "Industry and Services" sector, specifically in products such as footwear, cork and tiles.

To note that, both during the tasting, when it comes to the food products, and in the "Industry and Services" display, visitors will have the opportunity to experience not only the products, but also to discover their history.

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