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Nov 1, 2017


India is already responsible for 48% of the worlds spice market, however several innovations already undergoing are trying to expand even more the capitalization potential for the spices produced in the country.



Currently India is already exporting more than just raw spices, thanks to the new technologies its exporting more and more added value products such as spiced chocolates, bathing and cosmetic oils, creams, candles, etc.

The Indian market already exports to 150 different locations and since 2016 up to 2017, including the data we got before closing this edition, nearly a million tons of spices had already left the country, being that chilis lead all the exports, no wonder there, followed by mint, cumin, aromatic oils and only finally the added value products, such as chocolates and cosmetic and bathing creams.

Given that the domestic market consumed 6,13 tons of spices, the country is now trying to push its external trade and for that aim has created an online platform, e-Spice Bazaar, that takes advantage of all the training actions being done next to the Indian farmers to create an authentic digital revolution, revitalizing what once was the spinal cord of India's economy since the age of Discoveries (remember that already Columbus found America while trying to find a new way to get to this appealing market?).

This digital revolution has gone through placing its focus on the dissemination of telecommunication nets within the country, allowing the use of Internet and cell phones on the rural areas, enhancing the interaction capabilities and the gathering of information by the Indian farmers.

The highest point of this investment was the creation of e-Spice Bazaar, that unites on a single platform farmers, buyers, traders and exporters, assuring a larger spread of the market and more competitive prices.

The platform already registered over 40,000 chili producers and over 11,000 saffron producers, with 47 producer societies already available on the country and 10 agencies devoted to the developing of spice farming. Right now, it was already possible to centralize on six parks the whole of the country's spices, parks which include infrastructures for the processing and packaging to turn those spices on added value products that can be exported at a higher price.

The main objective being, of course, the raw spices are transformed onto extra value products which can be exported at higher prices.

E-Spice Bazaar was created on a joint partnership with the Electronics and Information Technology Department of the Indian government and besides allowing a bigger contact between producers and buyers, it also allows the tracking of the spices on a sort of Controled Origin Denomination that will aid to determine the fluctuations on taste, smell and color of the produce between regions.

Besides the above integration of farmers and traders on the platform, it's also creating several features such as a Spicepedia, the inclusion of any products that might be involved on the plantation process to face the importation demands of several countries, a comparative analysis of prices, the inclusion of an e-commerce platform, specialized consultation, quality control, weather forecasting, logistics reports, storage, good agricultural practices, pre and post-harvest advices, support in case of any incident that might cause the destruction of the harvest, the spread of learning materials, mobile support and a farm activity monitorization system. This means that this inclusive platform is not leaving anything to chance and is likely to become a crucial tool for foreign importers, India located exporters and a plus for the farmers.

Contacts * * * Tel: 0863 2220750 * Spices Board Chuttugunta Center, Opp SBI Bank, Old Market Yard, G.T.Road, Guntur 522004, India

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