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Jan 1, 2017


Few miles from Europe, at the north extreme of Africa but very close to Portugal – the daily flight from Lisbon to Casablanca takes less than one hour – one can find Morocco, a Kingdom with deep historical roots and a millenary culture that keeps enchanting thousands of tourists visiting the country.


Old cities full of life, as Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, Fez and Tangier, attract visitants from all over the world walking peacefully in the streets and shops where sellers that like to talk enjoy bargaining prices and discounts for the sake of keep ongoing conversations almost without an end.

Today, Morocco, with great Berber tradition in North Africa, but also with old connection with the South of Europe, mainly with Spain and Portugal, keeps being a link among different peoples and cultures. From many European capitals there are direct flights, mainly to Marrakech, the "red" city, at the slopes of the Atlas Mountains, the more important touristic attraction of Morocco.

Therefore, it is not strange that Morocco and mainly Marrakech, has a great fascination for European tourists that feel good in its magnificent hotels and resorts, enjoying visiting the Medina and the famous Square Djemaa el Fna, always full of life, especially at night. Thousands of tourists find motives to go and return to Morocco, as the people is friendly, the climate is mild, the beaches are good, there is a diversified landscape – with desert, mountains, beaches and monumental cities – and a very tasty gastronomy of quality.

Regardless of the troubles that have affected tourism in some other Moslem Countries, Morocco has been sufficiently wise to find a social stability and a peaceful ambience that has assured that the inflow of tourists has been maintained and may go on without disturbance.

The best world guides and the best tour operators place Morocco and Marrakech among the first places to receive tourists from all over the world, as in terms of hotels, monuments and landscape – desert, beaches and mountains – there are always several good references in guides, magazines and newspapers. Morocco has nine sites classified as World Heritage by the UNESCO, especially the imperial cities of Rabat, Marrakech, Fez, Essaouira, Tetuan and Mazagan.

But Morocco is not attractive only for tourists, as large investments in the last 20 years in education and training have developed a new generation of young people highly prepared in new technologies, being today also an attractive location for the installation of industries turned for the markets of America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

With more than 33 million inhabitants, of which 60 % live in cities, apart from the strong Tourism sector, Morocco is betting on the modernization of traditional industries, as textiles, and a growing new industrial sector turned to the future, keeping a structure of agriculture and services based on medium and small enterprises that are the backbone of the creation of jobs. A major factor for the improvement and amelioration of the economy is the special regime of association with the European Union that allow Morocco to take advantage of the vicinity. It is not strange that a large part of the external trade is mainly oriented to Europe, especially the markets of Spain, France and Italy, plus other countries that are far away as India and the United States, among others.

Morocco has been able to benefit from the proximity towards the European markets and the support of multilateral financial institutions, as the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and the African Development Bank, for achieving better infrastructures of quality and for launching an ambitious program for producing solar energy that places Morocco among the more advanced Countries in renewable energies, what implies a reduction on the imports of oil, gas and electricity.

Among the exports phosphates have a major place, as Morocco is the larger world producer, as it has about 75 % of the world reserves.  The old city and the port of Safim become an important industrial pole, especially in chemicals, fertilizers and fishing. 

Your VIP Partner is always trying to be attentive and to call the attention of its readers for countries where interesting commercial and investment opportunities arise, without ignoring Morocco, a Country so close to Europe that may be considered as an ideal platform for taking advantage of so many opportunities of development that can be open in Africa.

The magazine Your VIP Partner is particular interested in following the development trends in Morocco, calling the attention of dynamic investors from all around the world for the growth potential that may be used from an active presence in the north of Africa, very near to Europe, for investments and business.

It's important to say that investors that are already active in this country normally consider it as an attractive location for new investments. But, for an objective analysis of the current situation and evaluation of new opportunities the magazine Your VIP Partner recommends to potential investors to use the services of specialized advisers or investment banks with a deep knowledge of Morocco and its specialized international links, mainly with countries of the south of Europe and the north of Africa and the Middle East, as doing business in this country is a new and great challenge that deserves to be accepted.

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