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Oct 31, 2015

Elegance on Paper

Galgo Fine Papers are the pioneer fine paper suppliers across India, specialized in providing the choicest papers from across the world to meet diverse creative requirements.

An integral part of the established, five-decade old Santosh Group, Galgo Fine Papers was created in 1999 as a one-stop paper solution company for all fine paper requirements, with a vision to be recognized as a perfect medium for diverse creative demands in the country. Over the years, Galgo Fine Papers have evolved into a leading fine paper company with a global presence.

Today the company is associated with some of the leading fine paper mills across the world, and are the sole distributors of some of the world's finest papers.

The brand's product portfolio is constantly being enhanced and their association with leading paper manufacturers from all over the world adds to their range. At present, it includes print enhancement coated papers, metallic & textured papers, white & ivory uncoated papers, premium papers with excellent bulk, covering papers as well as papers which are 100% recyclable. Chlorine-free, recyclable papers & FSC papers are available on request.

Today, Galgo's client list spans the range of almost every industry, and is used in myriad worlds ranging from real estate, hotels, art galleries, corporate, government ministries, PSUs, educational institutions, photography, fashion design, advertising, packaging and more.

With cutting-edge warehousing technology, robust distribution network and insightful market knowledge, they are today one of the leading choices to fulfil a wide variety of paper requirements.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Galgo has a strong distribution network throughout the country, including in major metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur and more, and are proud to fulfil successfully the requirements for any kind of paper and board, giving paramount importance to high quality honest prices.

Eco commitment

From the very beginning Galgo's commitment to the environment has been unshakeable, and the company has had a clear stand on environmental issues. As they deal in paper which is a natural product, the business needed to be made environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Working on this principle and leading the eco revolution in India, Galgo became the 1st paper company in India to be FSC-COC certified in the year 2009. Furthermore, they stock the largest collection of eco-friendly papers from suppliers, all of whom are also FSC-COC certified. FSC is an international not for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world's forests. It brings direct benefits to the forest, such as protecting biodiversity, indigenous peoples' rights, workers' rights, and areas of significant environmental or cultural importance.

Deeply committed towards the cause of sustainable business, Galgo are proud to say that the entire range supports sustainability and theā€š green business practice as they are eco-friendly.

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