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Jul 1, 2017


Foodpairing is a modern scientific method that has been used to figure out which flavours combine better with one another. This method is based on the principle that food combines better when they have certain common key components.

Undetectable on the majority of cases on plain sight or, in this case, on plain taste, this method is in use on the new molecular cooking, using liquid and gas chromatography as well as other lab methods to analyse the chemical components of ingredients, unmasking its compatibilities.

Molecular cooking so far was only at the reach of the most recognized restaurants and chefs, inspiring the creation of plates that at first sight would not make sense (like desserts with endives and caviar our main courses with chocolate). Since it pairs the ingredients according to its chemical components and not on how its traditional uses or looks, sometimes, the results are surprising when we figure out what pairs better, meaning that, the more curious and inventive the chefs are, more are the dishes that they can create from scratch.

However, patience, the means and the costs needed to keep a culinary lab it's not for everyone, the emphasis being on patience. Luckily Peter Coucquyt (Michelin Star awarded chef), Bernard Lahousse and Johan Langenbick joined forces and created the Foodpairing Company, developing a platform that currently employs 18 devoted molecular food enthusiasts that dedicate their days to the increasing of a data base that renders at the reach of any chef in the world the possibility to unveil which products pair better, in terms of flavour.

The company uses chemistry, physics and scientific data analyses to create the future of gourmet cooking, believing that it can even push forward a better nutrition combining healthy ingredients in a delicious way and finding flavourful alternatives that are also sustainable, fighting climate change and obesity e, by doing so, giving birth to a healthier world and mankind.

The data base the company created is one of the largest in the world and includes an unimaginable number of ingredients and flavours, being the avowed purpose to analyse all the ingredients that exist in the world. The algorithm that it developed analyses the chemical components of each food, evaluating its compatibility.

Depending on the package we subscribe there are more advanced variations of the algorithm that can create personalized recipes from scratch based on the ingredients we introduce in it. The platform as the support of an artificial intelligence that can even suggest you with new dishes, spice mixes, cocktails, slurries, milkshakes and a lot more.

The two more popular options (keep in mind that you can order a personalized algorithm depending on the restaurant or bar that you own, based on the ingredients available on the area, ethnic cooking or other variables – for instance picture that you want to create a theme restaurant where everything served includes vodka, gooseberries or chocolate) are the one designed for chefs and bartenders and the one designed for the food industry. The first one already includes over a million of the food industry professionals spread out through 125 countries.

The data base is easy to browse, you just have to log in, insert the ingredient whose pairing you wish to unveil and you'll access a list of ingredients that pair well with the original ingredient. In case you wish to add more ingredients, the algorithm will detect food that will be simultaneously combinable with the two ingredients you already selected, and so on.

You can choose ingredients geographically more abundant or closer, more sustainable – like, for instance, species of fish that are less explored commercially – create your own combinations and take a look at those suggested to you by the artificial intelligence. A lot more practical than spending your days testing food on test tubes on the kitchen of your restaurant, don't you think?

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