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Oct 31, 2015

Easy sorting

Sorting is mandatory in modern produce processing plants, making it easier and faster for a product to make way from farm to table. ASM manufactures some of the most advanced sorting machines available, and with over three decades in operation, has established itself as a market reference.

ASM (Advanced Sorting Machines) boasts more than 30 years of experience in the sector of optical-electronic sorters and has a foothold in the market as a benchmark for the sector. The experience of the founding members (Engineer Giovannini and Dr. Mantovani) together with the highly qualified technical staff have allowed developing and producing a new series of high-tech and state-of-the-art sorting machines. 

The territory in which the company was born and grew up (province of Bologna) holds one of the vastest Italian agro-industrial traditions and was the ideal background for the birth and growth of a dynamic avant-garde company. ASM operates in contact with the scientific and university world and is able to translate its vast experience and technical/scientific know-how into technological applications with a high innovative content, both in the optical-electronic sorting and the food safety sectors.

 The vast experience gained in Italy and abroad within the scope of sorting more than 100 products offers a guarantee of sorting quality and results and allows offering the best technical-financial solution.


ASM sorters can be used with a wide variety of food products. Applications include sorting of rice, durum and soft wheat, corn, soy, oat, barley, rye, seeds and spices, beans, nuts, berries, salt and dehydrated products, either fresh and frozen.

Vision Series

This is the latest product serie developed by Advanced Sorting Machines. Vision models are the next step on optoelectronic sorters in the market.

The product-feeding chutes are unique in the Vision series. Their dimensions allow for maximum production capacity

and their technical features allow to sort more products on the same machine. The ejection system has passed the toughest speed and resilience stress tests. The Vision series is reliable and precise in sorting like no other sorter on the market today.

The new Vision series will come in 5 models to meet all production needs. These models vary in chutes number and size.

The software interface guarantees the greatest ease of use thanks to different functions of self-checking, auto-level adjustment and remote management. The LED lighting system guarantees the possibility to find any kind of defect. Furthermore, it guarantees a steady lighting strength in every season and the stable and constant level adjustment of the sorter.

Futura Series

In this series, ASM has invested in speed and technology to bring the user an easier and more reliable way to sort. In this series, the CCD digital vision technology used, is combined with the latest generation of micro-processors, integrated in extensively tested hardware, which execute millions of operations per second.Likewise, the software was developed to achieve extremely high sorting performance, and moreover the ability of self-checking and auto-level adjustment.

The mechanical parts were constructed emplying alloys and special treatmens, designed to maximize the feeding system precise product tracking, smooth flow and precise shooting.

The placement of electrovalves and the coresponding shooting system (from back to front) results in extremely precise sorting and no more rebounds of rejected products.

Sorting is made using a high sorting sensitivity CCD camera, which takes 100 microseconds to identify and sort each item. The system has the ability to sort-out products according to a specified degree and size of discolouration or defect.

The Futura series is also very simple to use and service.

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