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Mai 1, 2015

Dry babies are happy babies

The awareness of the necessities of a child led to the consistent innovation and improvement in Dodot diapers, always looking towards the well-being of both children and parents. Today, Dodot products continue to be improved, as they have been for several decades.


Dodot started in 1971, when its first disposable diaper was idealized. Since then, several innovations have been developed. In 1976 the first of these developments was introduced: the first pull-up diaper, or training pants, which look quite like the ones we know today.

In 1988, a super absorbent diaper was launched. Absorption quality has always been a major subject for Dodot's investigation department and this diaper reduced significantly the contact time between the baby's skin and the humidity.

 In 2001, Dodot developed a range of diapers by the name of "Dodot Etapas", (translating to "Dodot Stages"). This provided specific solutions for specific needs in every stage of the development of the baby: super absorbent - for the newborn -, and elastic fit, for more active babies. 

In 2010 enters the iFralda, (iDiaper), by Dodot Activity. This was the ideal solution both for parents and children, incorporating Dodot's very own technology Dry&Adapt: maximum dryness in an ultra-thin diaper. It is the most dry and thin diaper ever to be created by Dodot. Clinical data gathered in Europe since 1985, shows how technological improvement in child diapers is related to a reducing number of babies with rash, as well as the intensity of said rash.

Several other products have consistently been developed and improved, such as the "Babykini", the Dodot's disposable swim slip, or Happyjama, the super absorbent underwear by Dodot, for the children that still wet the bed, the breathable covering, skin protection lotion, the super absorbent double layer, and the anatomic core.

In the last 25 years, several studies have shown that technological improvement of diapers is associated with the reduction of dermatitis in the diaper area, as well as a reducing number of babies suffering from skin rash. Since the introduction of disposable diaper in the market, the cases of sever dermatitis decreased by 50%, as well as its severity,

Over the last 15 years, Dodot has also reduced the weight of the diaper by 40%, reducing the volume of the diaper by introducing more advanced super absorbent materials, and now require less raw material. 

Throughout the years, Dodot continuously introduced several innovations with the technological development of the time always aiming to answer all the needs of babies, children and parents, improving their well-being and health, as well as providing a better quality of life for babies, infants and toddlers.

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