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Feb 29, 2016

Dressed in Ambition

In the 21st century, to be a woman is not the same as before. How does a successful woman dress today? No longer have we the laws to measure their skirts, or the ideals that stop them from having a job. A successful woman dresses to be and to feel respected. 


 "(…) they come to me because they recognize that the way they dress for work and the image they portray needs to reflect their ambition and their senior position amongst their peers. Many of these women are also passionate about increasing the profile of women within their respective professions. Their mission isn't a selfish one, it's about breaking through windows and inviting the female talent behind them to stand on their shoulders. A beautiful suit or flattering but corporate dress screams success and will instill confidence in its wearer. (…)"

This is what Nooshin, designer and owner of Savile Row's only shop for bespoke tailor suits for women, says about her work. She began her career as an apprentice for a London couturier, and in only five years, Nooshin has conquered her place as one of Savile Row's most requested designers. Nooshin's inspiration comes from her Iranian grandmother, who ran two dressmaking shops that catered to a well-heeled clientele, even dressing the Shah (King) of Iran's family on occasion.

Today, Nooshin's clients range from city bankers to barristers and CEOs, or the woman who wants to invest in a dress or suit, tailored to perfection in sublime fabric. Her garments are made from the finest wools, produced by a Savile Row's cloth merchant. The belief that dressing for success at work should not have to mean sacrificing femininity is a central design principle within the collection. Women dressed by Nooshin emanate self-confidence and class.

Meticulous thought has gone into every detail of every garment. Carefully positioned waistbands, clean, feminine cuts and flattering necklines are carefully balanced to create a work dress or suit that compliments a woman's natural shape. Nooshin actually offers her clients expert advice on personal styling and designs that suit and flatter individual body-shapes, providing guidance on fabrics, embellishments and colors that develop each signature style.

She offers a full tailoring service from fully bespoke to made-to-measure work wear, and now a Ready-to-Wear range for women looking for professional dresses and suits which reflect their ambition. Her personal tailoring service includes the design and creation of dress suits for women, tailored trousers, jackets, cocktail dresses and classic wedding dresses.

Formal Business Wear for Women

Nooshin's collection of ladies business suits and work dresses for women combines classic tailoring with clean, feminine lines creating an elegant style that transcends seasons. Every detail has been meticulously considered to create a balanced garment that is designed to flatter.

Tailored Occasion Wear

At Nooshin, you can find your perfect individually designed bespoke outfit, perfect for landmark birthdays, cocktail evenings and black tie events. All it takes is a consultation with Nooshin, and she will work with the client on designs, shapes and styles that work for every individual shape. A fabric shopping service is also an option, to source luxury unique fabrics for a totally unique bespoke garment.

Business and Formal Shirts

Nooshin offers tailored shirts for women, creating beautifully fitting business and formal shirts. Her custom made shirts for women provide them the luxury of choosing their own unique cottons, complete with collar, cuffs, trimmings and buttons. Tailored to fit the bust, waist, hips, and shoulders perfectly, using premium quality cottons that retain their shape, look and color, and a choice of collars and cuffs to suit each personal style. A wardrobe 'must have' and stylish addition to any tailored business and formal wardrobe.

"(…) my clients return to me time after time as they progress within their careers. We all know that the more women in senior positions, the smoother things will run, and if I can help in some small way to make that a reality, then that's my job done."

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