Nov 1, 2016


The Fenix 3 HR retains the look and feel of other models in this line with a strong and very good looking case, attached to a silicone strap that's rugged, yet sophisticated enough to wear it with a working or Gala dinner suit.


The round transflective color display, with 218 x 218 pixel is protected by the exclusive Garmin's Sapphire lens and it is surrounded by five ergonomically placed buttons: three on the lef side and two on the right. The all set is water resistant up to 100 meters and 10 atmospheres.

Seemingly, this model which receives the HR designation, is not so different from its predecessor, but when you turn it around, that difference becomes obvious. That's where the Elevate tech monitor is set up, to register your 24 hour a day heart beat. This optical sensor is placed right in the middle of the case and it glows a green light when reading the beats.

The list of tasks and records it can perform is overwhelming. Besides the natural hour reading, plus the day of the week and the date, it also provides information over the time the sun rises and sets. As to readings, it also includes GPS (after all that is the reason why Garmin is well known), altimeter, barometer, electronic compass, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and thermometer. It also registers quantified life metrics such as steps, distances, calories burned, stairs climbed and sleeping hours. It is truly, a real physical data center attached to your wrist.

Furthermore, it is equipped with updated software, inherited from Fenix 3, suitable for jogging, swimming in and outdoors, triathlon or walking, which now features data reading for skiing, snowboard, paddling, rowing and golf, and in the case of golf, it also allows to download the maps of the fields, as well as the distances to the green.

With the free of charge system Connect from Garmin, this watch is able to receive emails, texts, alerts and calendar notes, news and other kind of notifications. The all set is delivered along with a USB battery charger, as well as a classical home charger.


Programming this watch is not so different from setting other fitness equipment. After synchronizing the app Connect with an iOS or Android smartphone, the user creates a personal account, answer a few metrics questions and then pair the device with the phone via Bluetooth. The light protruded by the cardiac monitor sensor on the back of the case can become a little annoying, specially over night, when you get the watch close to your face.

In this watch, anyway, everything works without flaws or pauses. The GPD function is permanently active and doesn't require reactivations, and it is also backed up by a system which memorizes tracks (especially useful on long walks without proper signalling) and shows the right way back on the screen with a simple arrow. The system can make a precise altitude accurate reading from 15 meters high.

Another useful function is the programable and personalized alarm for everyday tasks, that allows you to manage the day, leaving nothing to be done. It can be adjustable to day-to-day, or for everyday tasks.

The software is constantly upgraded by the brand engineers, and these upgrades are automatic, which means you don't have to be always searching for these updates, nor do you need the help of any other device to get them installed. Whenever these happen, you will have the feeling of enjoying a brand-new watch, without having to buy one.

Despite so many special features, one can not guarantee it is a future proof watch, but it is possible though to be sure it is a long-lasting watch. It can be purchased at any of the brands representatives or through Amazon for 600 dollars (550 euros).

Contacts - Contactos:
Garmin International, Inc.
1200 E. 151 st St.
Olathe, KS 66062-3426 (área metropolitan de Kansas City)

Tel. (913) 397-8200
Fax. (913) 397-8282

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