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Jan 1, 2015

Design and Nature

As the first and most iconic element of the Troia Resort Master Plan, the Hotel and Casino sets the standard for design. Sustainable features, ecological sensitivity and a close relationship with the beautiful natural surroundings define this project.


The casino in Troia, Portugal, is a mid size casino. The casino's official name is Troia Hotel. It offers 226 slot machines, a huge number of machines of this kind. The total number of live game tables is 16. The casino in Troia offers the classic table games such as Blackjack and Roulette. Visitors can both play the slot machines and the live table games from 03:00pm until 03:00am.

Opened on the 1st of January 2011, the nearly 4000 m2 Casino is distinguished by bold contemporary architecture and design for the ambitious and unique interiors. Highlights are the modern design of the game area. Amorim Turismo acquired for a technology play area, unique in Portugal, able to adapt in real time the existing supply to demand, ie, the preferences of the client. This space provides a sophisticated design novel media, based on a giant screen (170 m2) and three spheres media (with a diameter of about 3.5 meters). The central bar - Estratosphera - is the entertainment center of the Casino, and plays a dual role - bar and stage - where on a weekly basis multimedia animations with DJ's and VJ's animate the space. The Entertainment Centre Casino Trojan was designed by architects specialized in sound and light, and equipped with the latest and most sophisticated technologies. It is a multipurpose space prepared to receive all types of events and working as an auditorium hall or dining room.

The first element of the larger Troia Resort Master Plan, this hotel casino sets the standard for the entire resort's design and character, and therefore has an importance beyond itself. It is constructed alongside the new marina, becoming the image from which the rest of the resort follows. The ecological character of the resort as a whole is illustrated here in the use of renewable materials, particularly in the use of wood as a cladding material, and also in the articulation of the design through its sun-shading elements.

The backbone of the scheme is an existing hotel tower, left incomplete since the 1970's. This tower was reused but substantially altered. At the ground level, entry to the hotel is along a shared daylit and sun-shaded atrium which connects all the major elements of the scheme: the new casino, a curved structure wrapped in a wooden skin like the hull of a ship, a fully equipped show theatre connected to the casino, and a conference center. One unusual feature of the conference hall is the ability to fully open one wall of the conference hall to the natural landscape. Tying the project into the urban design of the resort-town, a row of housing units wrap the side of the project and hide the parking structure from the street. At the marina façade the hotel links onto the boardwalk providing a retail element facing the water.

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