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Aug 1, 2015

Cover your grounds

Asuring a comfortable place to live or work is always a hard task. Different materials and technologies come together when choosing what to use, and specially how to use it, no matter what part of the world you're at. Proline Floors can help you find what you need.


The flooring is an important part of any interior design, which is why whenever an architect or an interior designer is working on the blueprints of any building, whether a resident, a commercial or an industrial building, the flooring is one of the major aspects that he will have to specify. It has to be beautiful and add a sense of personality to the space and it is also very practical so it can meet the demands of the customer

A family business, Proline Floors has been involved in the floor covering industry for over 50 years. During this time the company has been involved in all facets of the industry. From manufacturing, distribution, retail and installations. This experience has given Evolution Floorings a unique insight into the trends of the industry. They love the floor covering industry and the chance it gives to create different and exciting products for customers.


Evolution Series

Evolution Australian Select series of laminate floors was developed to give customers an alternative to high priced and unsustainable Australian species timber flooring. Over the course of 3 years the company's team researched and developed new flooring technologies to produce a laminate floor so realistic that most people cannot tell the difference between the laminate floor and real hardwood flooring.
Proline floors have sold over 5000 installations in the last 3 years which has proved that the public has warmly accepted Evolution laminate flooring as a true timber alternative flooring product.
Due to its increasing popularity, Evolution laminate has also taken a large share off the real timber flooring market which will have positive effects for forest sustainabilty into the future.

Genesis Bamboo

Representing a stylish modern green alternative to Australian hardwoods, Genesis Strand Woven bamboo flooring has many advantages over other flooring solutions. It looks amazing, is easy to care for, environmentally friendly and sustainable, insect resistant, moisture resistant, dimensionally stable, durable and affordable. It is fast becoming the preferred standard bamboo flooring in all new major building projects across Australia.

Genesis Bamboo flooring is manufactured using only the finest eco friendly binding adhesives that have the World's Lowest VOC emissions rating and passed all global EPA Clean Air Policies and is rated Super E0 for VOC emissions. Because Proline uses only the best glues in manufacturing the formaldehyde emissions are effectively zero.

Genesis bamboo flooring has one of the the lowest VOC emission ratings in the world. The VOC emissions are Effectively Zero.

Fusion LVT

The natural tones of Australian timbers such as Blackbutt and Spotted Gum are highly sought after in the domestic and commercial markets. The rich hues and organic grain of these materials offer a classic and timeless finish.
Proline Floors has Introduced a new product to the timber-alternatives market, FUSIONLVT - a new 4mm DIY click-together or traditional 3mm glue down vinyl plank flooring product that for the first time features Australian species Spotted Gum and Blackbutt finishes. "With this product, you can create a room with all the warmth and beauty of natural Australian hardwoods with all the benefits of commercial vinyl," Says Paul Ronzon from Proline Floors.
"Traditionally, vinyl plank flooring had to be installed by professional vinyl layers (who are increasingly hard to find). The floor had to be perfectly flat and the product was glued down," says Paul. With a state-of-the-art "Uniclic" locking system, FUSION LVT planks are 100 percent glueless - meaning that they can be installed and dismantled with ease. "This clic system has been used for many years and is a proven, efficient way to transform a space." Using Virgin Lead-free PVC, the product is also environmentally friendly.

Contacts: 2/272 Captain Cook Dr, Kurnell NSW 2231, Australia - sales@prolinefloors.com.au  - http://www.prolinefloors.com.au

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