Feb 29, 2016

Colorful audio

There's a huge range of personal audio products, accessories and trends dominating the market. From state-of-the-art headphones to portable high-quality speakers, you can find it all in big retailers. But there are smaller companies and brands that blend the best of sound engineering with the most respected product design. Here's Otone Audio.


Based in Manchester, United Kingdom, Otone Audio presents a range of Bluetooth speakers, headphones, soundbars and computer speakers, which blend top quality audio engineering with the best in product design. Their products' sound is tailored to focus on midrange vocals and enhanced, but tight bass.

Otone's vision is to provide products of superior quality and value that enhance the audio experiences of their customers – whether they're enjoying richer music or more intense gaming, getting lost in a movie or speaking to online friends and family, the quality of the sound is sure to make a difference.

Their team of imaginative and award-winning designers use all of their experience to develop a unique, contemporary product range, ensuring it reflects the listening demands and habits of modern consumers. Then, by insisting on the best components and materials, the production team takes over to keep manufacturing standards high.

All of Otone's products have been designed with the environment in mind, from the power-saving features to the recycled packaging. Otone is dedicated to minimizing the impact our products have on the environment and comply fully with various international directives. The company also uses 100% recycled packaging, and keeps the amount of material used to the minimum needed to protect the products.

Otone was shortlisted for CoolBrands 2013/2014 which was a great achievement for a brand only two years old. Even more impressive is the fact that it is not possible to submit applications to be considered for the list, it is chosen by a council of expert industry influencers and members of the general public based on style, innovation, originality and desirability. Otone has also been nominated for three IER Awards this year including Best Advertising Campaign, Technical Innovation Award and Best Accessory.

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