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Dec 1, 2016

China's "Seven Stars"

In the heart of Shanghai, on the picturesque banks of the Huangpu River, there stands the exuberant Wanda Reign on the Bund hotel, the first in China ultra-luxury hotel for the social elites that delivers supremely personalized services and transcends every expectation, positioning itself as a seven-star hotel. Wanda Reign was erected and finished within three years at the cost of USD 515 million dollars, a handsome part of which was invested into its sophisticated interior decoration.


Though no authorized global travel body has granted Wanda Reign its seven stars, as there is no such international standard, this classification, if existed, were sure to be attributed to Wanda Reign. On entering through the front door of the glass and steel hotel building, one immediately feels like finding himself inside of a luxurious jewelry box. All that glitters are indeed gold - or gold-plated, or painted. Art Deco inspired jade inlaid floors, antique furniture, a 60-meters long abstract painting of Shanghai by renowned Chinese contemporary artist Shi Qi, large marble columns extend to a 10-meter-high ceiling… Other artworks, commissioned specifically for the hotel, are paired with old Shanghai elements to reflect the city's style during the 1920s and 30s. Magnolia patterns and amber-coloured rhinestones, 3D mosaic murals and elaborate embroideries are all accompanied by plenty of crystal, jade and marble. These breath-taking interiors were developed by British design firms "Foster + Partners" and "Heatherwick Studio".

Wanda Reign on the Bund provides guests with 193 sumptuous hotel rooms, prices starting from 430 dollars per night, with wireless control dashboards, digital door viewers, valet service boxes and luxurious Hermes or L'Occitane amenities. The best room is the "Chairman Suite" on the 20th floor, 288m2, featuring a living room, a dining room, a stylish bar, an office, and a huge bathroom with a sauna and a big massage bath. The hotel's famous "Bed of Reign" features superb bed linens, offering the best night's sleep you've ever had. It combines pure woollen felt from New Zealand with American latex, boasts a "Dream Catcher" collection of pillows. Each room also contains a massage chair, to get you in the mood for slumber. Tech-heads will be happy with "smart" everything - from the television to the lighting to the toilet - while there are expansive views out over the city or East Lake.

"Club Reign" on the second floor, a private club for those who are part of the "Wanda Hotels and Resorts" membership plan. It's a world unto itself, with stained glass windows in the corridors and chandeliers hanging over leather armchairs and mahogany furniture. A personalized butler is always on call, and the bar is stocked with bottles of Chateau Lafite and "Louis XIV" cigars. There is a cocktail bar under the open sky, as well.

There are three exclusive spas "Shui Spa", each featuring a sauna, big pools with hot and cold water, rooms for different kinds of therapy and rest.

Besides, there is a "state-of-the-art KTV" room kitted with professional audio equipment and mauve lights, in case guests want to recreate the dance club experience without leaving the premises. The dance room is 720 m2, ceilings 8m high, with the fantastic panoramic views on the Huanputzian river and Pudun distric.

Then there's the car service, featuring luxury vehicles starting at $110 per trip -- that's for a BMW 5 Series -- all the way up to US$800 for a four-hour ride in a Rolls Royce. As many young, wealthy Chinese can't get enough of expensive cars, the service fills a need.

Even the staff uniforms are high-end; Laurence Xu, the first Chinese designer to show at "Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week", was asked to create liveries using fine Chinese silk and other traditional Chinese motifs.

Wanda Reign on the Bund restaurants serve up fresh local food, specialty cocktails, traditional afternoon tea and innovative seafood dishes. Chef Marc Meneau, of the now closed two-Michelin star restaurant "L'Espérance" runs the show inside French restaurant "MARC", while at the Japanese restaurant "HE", everything -- from the ingredients to the crockery, the water and other drinks is imported from Japan.

It's the 51st hotel of the "Wanda Hotels & Resorts" group, part of the Dalian Wanda empire under the helm of Wang Jianlin, China's richest man for the third time out of the past four years. Wanda Hotels & Resorts manages four brands under its portfolio: "Wanda Reign", "Wanda Vista", "Wanda Realm" and "Wanda Jin".

Contacts: +86 (027) 5959 9999

138 East Lake Road, Shuiguohu Street
Wuchang District
Wuhan, Hubei Province, P.R. China.


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