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Sep 1, 2015


French lingerie – one of life's finest pleasures – is a definitive symbol of the feminine mystique. The idea that something so small could have such timeless appeal speaks volumes about French sensibility, and an allure that defies explanation. Making everyday things beautiful is part of that 'je ne sais quoi,' and no other French lingerie label has perfected the art with greater integrity than we have.


Slip on one of the head-turning intimates, with its second-skin fit, and in moments you'll experience the sublime distinction of a 130-year history. The brand is feted for utilizing the most modern materials of the day, an intimate understanding of a woman's figure, and the French know-how –which is a formidable cocktail of technical skill, couture flair, and trade secrets passed down through 14 decades of world class seamstresses.

In the age of waif silhouettes – made possible by tightly laced corsets – the family-run business opened its factory doors in 1876, in Romilly, France. With the foresight to employ lightweight elastic knits, the first girdle was created using elasticized fabrics, offering women of the day greater freedom in a streamlined silhouette. In the mid-20th century came the invention of Kretz Tulle –a stretchable fabric– inspired three things: the creation of Chantelle, the butterfly-light girdle, their new name, and the slogan "Chantelle, the girdle that never rides up," which propelled Chantelle into fashion house fame.

After launching their first bra in the 1960s, under the watchful eye of a gifted corset maker, the focus was on modernization, global expansion, and cleavage. By the end of the twentieth century, they had earned a title that remains with to this day: the world's leader in high-end French lingerie.

Chantelle creations, conjured up in the atelier (creative studio), illuminate a distinctly French devotion to detail, and couture aesthetic. Precise fits, fine lace, jeweled bows, and rich fabrics are coveted signatures of Chantelle. And while it's easy to get distracted by the evocative styling in collections like Défi (the first seamless bra with molded cups), Africa (made recognizable by model/brand spokesperson Stephanie Seymour), and Merci, each piece is designed for everyday wear.

Beloved for giving women, of all silhouettes, confidence in their skin, Chantelle celebrated, enhanced, and passionately served the female form for five illustrious generations. The Pièce de résistance? Chantelle's intimate understanding of the female form that helps women, of all silhouettes, feel beautiful in their skin.

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