Jan 1, 2017


Do you still remember how your life was tem years ago? Can you identify what has changed, meanwhile? Can you point out the daily tasks and duties that no longer bother? Do you still remember the year you bought "the vacuum cleaning robot", which is now very old for being so much used? Does your TV set, occupy an undesirable space in the living room?


Only ten years ago, the daily news emphasized what we agree to call "virtual highways", innovative products which used state-of-the-art technologies and the most recent science concepts and techniques.

One decade later, the highway itself, got ran over and, what ten years ago was part of the imagination or fiction, is now a reality and even, in some cases, banalities.

YOUR VIP PARTNER is not a technology focused publication. On the contrary. It is still one information publication which reports at the same time and in the equal doses, technological advance e innovative techniques, as well as ancient traditions, handcraft works, tips for a more healthy life, worry and concern about the environment…

January is, therefore, the most suitable month to resume what is no longer novelty, reinforce the values of past ages, and foresee the days about to come.

In 2016, there were buses rolling over other roads, in China. Hyperloops which aim to carry us for hundreds of miles in a few minutes; cars that take us where we want, without touching the wheel; fantastic medical techniques which prevent casual trouble in diseases treatments…

The world doesn't stop surprising us, daily.

As it happens every year, right from the first days, January welcomes the world's most important event of the technological area: the Consumer Electronic Show, in Las Vegas, United States.

And, definitely, our habits will change. Take a look: the Danish Lego introduced a new toy combining artificial intelligence and the classic constructions, which have been produced since 1934. For the first time, an educational and pedagogical toy will interact with children, supplying the answers to the most childish questions.

The Chinese technological Lenovo showed a Smar-Assitant. The device, which pretty much looks like a portable sound system, can be controlled by voice, and is able to connect itself to internet servers and perform research supplying answers in record time; it plays back the playlists from any computer and even controls home automation.

Earbuds to playback music or phone calls are also shrinking. The Fuse from Sillicon Valley's Ashley Chloe, don't need wires, what is no longer an innovation. It is its minimal design that stands out. All packed, it's no bigger than a pill, light and easy to carry.

Also the construction sector is deeply changing.

The application of new technologies already allows the construction of buildings in unmatchable time (October 2016's issue), and already with thermal and acoustic isolation which allows better energy efficiency.

And, as a house is not confined to walls only, also innovative solutions are in development for the other materials. Glass, today, is no longer confined to allow natural lighting; it can control intensity, absorb and store heat, and they can even perform the duties usually reserved for solar panels.

This, incidentally, also already happens in the case of roofs of buildings. Nowadays, it is possible to build roofs with tiles which absorb and store solar power. And the most recent proposals, too offer as alternative the application of films over the classical tiles, for the same purpose.

Cooking robots too, already invaded our kitchens, and even some TV manufacturers are aiming to produce transparent TV sets.

The way we transport ourselves is also in a deep change. As we already wrote in these pages: it is a fantastic age for transportation. Developing clean fuel, and even efficient alternatives for the feeding of motors allow us to safely foresee (as in the German case) the total abandon of fossil fuels to transport propulsion.

Many reasons there would be, to sustain the world is changing fast and it will keep changing our lifestyles. AS much as this team is concerned, we promise to keep up with the evolution.

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