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Feb 1, 2017


In Loire Valley, (in French Vallée de la Loire), troglodyte caves have been transformed into accommodation as elegant as unforgettable. The Amboise Troglodyte provides a truly unique experience that we now make known to you.


The place is absolutely magical and invites to a peaceful stay. In the heart of the Loire Valley, in Nazelles, France, and very close to the locality where the painter Leonardo da Vinci lived, Amboise, caves have been transformed into an astonishing as charming tourism space named as Amboise Troglodyte Bed & Breakfast.

Caves that for centuries have been inhabited by troglodytes (cave-dwellers), today are rooms with elegant decoration and classic furniture, all designed in detail to offer visitors the so famous French charm. At first, the outside may seem little appealing, but when entering the accommodations, the visitor can see that it is a singular experience. The space privileges a harmonious simplicity that resembles a true treasure. Amboise Troglodyte Bed & Breakfast offers two accommodations: Double Room Deluxe and Studio Deluxe.

Peace and tranquility

The Double Room Deluxe was once a wine cave. Today it is a romantic room with elements that refer to the troglodyte spirit. Located on an elevated place, it provides peace and tranquility. The warmth is very present and is due to the rock in which the room is inserted. It has a classic open-space bathtub and a private bathroom. In a truly romantic and quiet setting, it is possible to take a bubble bath, perhaps by candlelight. There is coffee and tea as well as internet. The cost of accommodation in this apartment starts at 105 euros per night.

The Studio Deluxe is a fully equipped apartment with kitchen facilities. It was thought to provide the true French lifestyle to those who look for days without stress and lived in perfect harmony with nature. The decor is elegant and invites to relax in a luxurious bathroom illuminated by a candlestick. In addition to the bathtub, there is an Italian shower.


Carol Houghton, a guest, wrote on Amboise Troglodyte Facebook page about the privilege she felt from staying in "this beautiful space". «It was the perfect setting to unwind and relax», she said, adding that «the breakfast was spectacular». This is a continental breakfast which is included on reservation and can be served both in the room and in the garden with a magnificent 180 ° view.

Elke Ottevanger, in turn, comments that Amboise Troglodyte resembles a «fairy tale» that gave her «an amazing experience», and that will make her return to the Loire Valley. Details that have been worth many compliments and that stand out are, for example, the extra service that consists of transporting the client from the station or airport to the accommodation.

If the rooms invite to stay inside, the surrounding area also deserves to be known for its beauty and richness. Thinking about it, Amboise Troglodyte offers the possibility of bicycles rental or, for example, to visit the nearby wineries to taste the delicious wines produced in the Loire Valley, such as the "Vouvray" champagne or the "Chinon Rouge" wine.

Nature and history

The possibilities of an unforgettable experience are many and range from visits to French royalty historical places in Amboise, Chenonceau or Chambord, to a walk thourgh the market on the Amboise river bank. For those who enjoy gastronomy, do not miss the region's goat's cheese and charcuterie, thus enjoying the contact with local producers and learning recipes with centuries. Car enthusiasts also have Le Mans, known for being the "stage" where the world's biggest automobile race is held, about an hour away.

In the Loire Valley, there are several historical towns, and villages that stand out for their beauty and architectural heritage. From castles, to fortresses and lush landscapes, there are more than enough reasons for an unforgettable holiday in this region.

Contacts * * * Tel: +33 (0)66 865 3882 *

19bis Rue Camille Breton, 37530 Nazelles, França

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