Sep 1, 2016


A prototype bus that travels over the traffic and avoids traffic jams, was launched in China, in May 2016, was tested in August, and is creating a lot of expectation in that country and in the World.


The prototype of the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) was presented at the 19th International High-Tech Expo held in May in Beijing, China. Tested in Qinhuangdao, city in the Hebei province, northeast China, is generating excitement throughout the World.

The TEB was lodged by Shenzen Huashi Paring Equipment and consists of a bus that travels on a rail system, thus circulating over the road, and avoiding traffic jams. The rails have a distance between each other corresponding to two lanes for cars, this way allowing the bus to circulate independent of the traffic, not affecting it.

According to information released in May by China's state television, CCTV, this bus will have a capacity for approximately 1,200 people. It is predicted to start operating in 2016 still, with four carriages, a length between 58-62 meters, height that varies between 4.5 and 4.7 meters, and a width of 7.8 meters.

The traffic will pass through a space with up to 2 meters high, and the speed does not exceed 40 mph. Each of the four provided compartments can carry up to 300 people. The interior of each compartment is different from the ones we see in a typical bus: it is spacious, resembling a luxurious boarding lounge like those we see in many airports.

The end of traffic jams

The model was tested on the 3rd of August, in Qinhuangdao, China, and the images displayed on CCTV presented a bus that resembles a bridge and passes over the cars. It circulated for 300 meters, at a reduced speed, and showed adaptations that are yet to be made, as there was difficulty in cornering, and it did not circulate over bridges, crossings or traffic lights.

For many years, China has been planning to develop a transport that avoids traffic jams, and so, those involved in this project believe they are working on the future paradigm of public transportation.

According to the Chinese public television, countries such as Brazil, India or France have showed interest in the TEB. It works through electricity, saves about 800 tons of fuel, and could replace around 40 buses. The passenger boarding is done through elevated platforms on the road.

Construction expenses

The idea came in 2010 from Song Youzhou, the inventor, who says that "the biggest advantage is that this bus will save a lot of space on the road." According to the website TreeHugger, the model is similar to the one proposed in New York by architects Lester Walker and Craig Hodgetts. Bai Zhiming, the engineer responsible for the project, said in May that "construction can be completed within a year." "The TEB has the same functions as the subway, while the cost of construction is less than one fifth of the subway's," he added.

A video of the prototype was published in May and it shook the Internet. Now that the model has been tested, there are those who do not hide their surprise, making comments like: "I saw images of this not long ago and now it's actually happening? This is truly built at 'Chinese speed'"; "I swear I just saw ideas in pictures. Now, it's real.". Expectations are high in China, because the traffic jams have increased in this country. In 2009, China surpassed the United States of America, and has emerged as the largest car sales market. In 2015, about 21 million passenger cars were sold in this country.

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