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May 1, 2015

Built to last

It's ne of the most notorious brands on russian roads. Kamaz has been manufacturing trucks since 1976 and every year the company proves its technological achievements, as well as its competitive verve.


KAMAZ is Russia's largest manufacturer of lorries which brings together over 150 entities in Russia, CIS and abroad, including 12 large-scale automobile plants. It runs assembly facilities in Vietnam, Iran, India, Kazakhstan and Pakistan and employs 59,000 people. The company is headed by Sergey Anatolyevich Kogogin.

Established in 1969 as Kama Complex of Plants to produce heavy-duty trucks (Production Association KamAZ). In 1990, PA KamAZ was reorganized into a joint-stock company. 

The first vehicle came off the assembly line on February 16, 1976. Since then, over 2 million vehicles and about 2.8 million engines have been produced. Each third truck of 14,40 t GVW used in Russia and the CIS countries is KAMAZ. KAMAZ vehicles are used in more than 80 countries.

KAMAZ trucks have always been produced at the KAMA River Automotive Works, which is situated the republic of Tatarstan at the bank of Kama river, in Russia. Prove as adept at maneuvering in narrow streets and loading yards as it is at coping with country lanes, Kamaz trucks are also durable, economical and robust. It's a vehicle you can rely on day by day. New Kamaz distribution vehicles incorporate everything that the distribution segment needs – high load capacity, good maneuverability, economy, reliability and low–maintenance powerful engine. 

Cost – effectiveness is the sum of factors, such as low fuel consumption, long service intervals and a high degree of reliability. As a result you will find everything that you need using Kamaz vehicles. 

OJSC KAMAZ produces a wide range of vehicles: trucks (over 40 models, more than 1,500 kits, right-hand vehicles), trailers, buses, tractors, engines, power units, and different tools. KAMAZ traditionally positions itself on the market of trucks of 14,40 t GVW. For the last years, the range of the company's production has considerably increased due to new vehicle models and lines - from urban delivery trucks to vehicles with increased carrying capacity for operation in combinations with road trains of up to 120 t GVW.

Previously, technical specifications of vehicles were improved and their customer appeal was enhanced – both due to the use of automobile components made by the leading producers, and the implementation of KAMAZ's own original developments. All these measures enabled the company to create the so-called "model range 2010" on which the company's production program was based to create a brand new model range of its vehicles. Since 2013 when Russia adopted technical regulations compliant with Euro-4 international standards, KAMAZ vehicles have been equipped with engines meeting this environmental standard.

OJSC KAMAZ was certified as a 5 star R4E company according to the EFQM Excellence Model.


KAMAZ' strategic focus is integration into the international auto making sector. The company cooperates with 600 suppliers in Russia, CIS and other foreign countries and 120 Russian manufacturers of special-purpose vehicles. KAMAZ is a fast-growing business which actively cooperates with international partners.

Daimler, a German automotive group, owns 11% of shares in KAMAZ and works with the company on several projects. According to experts, such partner relations may be beneficial for both parties.

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