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Mar 1, 2015

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Since 1830, Christofle has mastered the art of working with silver, rendering that sublime and special material. Shiny without ostentation, intelligent without pretense, and versatile yet sincere. The silversmith's know-how concentrated in its factory in Yainville, Normandy, guarantees that Christofle products meet the highest standards of quality.

The house style resides between heritage and modernity, mirroring in silver the reflection of all the major currents in decorative arts. Then, as now, Christofle bends silver to the aesthetic vocabularies of great artists, from Man Ray and Cocteau to avant-gardist architects such as Gio Ponti, modernist silversmiths such as Lino Sabattini, and contemporary giants of design such as Andrée Putman, Ora-Ito and Marcel Wanders.

Through its creations, whether they were intended for the tables of an Emperor, a Maharajah, the Orient Express, transatlantic steamers or contemporary interiors the world over, Christofle offers a very personal take on art de vivre, the art of living: it is a subtle mix of sensitivity, conviviality and shared pleasures. Spirit and elegance, those special companions to life's most precious moments, are found in everything we do.

Christofle & Designers

Celebrated and internationally renowned designers, some of whose works figure in the collections of the world's greatest museums, collaborate with Christofle to express their creative talent through the exceptional know-how of our Master Silversmiths.

Designers who have marked their era, such as the Italian architect Gio Ponti and the Danish visual artist Christian Fjerdingstad, or more recently the designer Martin Szekely, the American artist Michele Oka Doner and the French designers Andrée Putman and Ora Ito, have all participated in the stylistic renewal of the brand's fine silver collection.

Produced in limited and numbered editions, each of these exceptional objects are true works of art and unique pieces in the eyes of serious collectors.

Christofle regularly re-edits pieces from its heritage collections in order to perpetuate the gestures and secular techniques required to make them. Whether decorative or functional, these exceptional pieces bear witness to an era; they are the incarnation of an inspired creative spirit.

The Master Silversmith's know-how and command of the most sophisticated techniques are the essence of the brand's spirit and its approach to manufacturing.

Using the greatest of care, tools dating back more than 100 years have been reinstated in order to create an identical reproduction of a collectible piece.

Andrée Putman

Dubbed "the vestal of the immaculate conceptual" by the French daily newspaper "Le Monde," Andrée Putman began her career with a notable achievement, bringing art into Prisunic while working for the French department store's design and style departments. In the 1980s, Putman produced furniture by great modern designers of the 1930s who were not well known to the general public at the time, thus saving Eileen Gray, Jean-Michel Franck, Pierre Chareau, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Mario Fortuny and others from oblivion. In New York, Putman introduced a modern vision for hotels by creating the first boutique hotel, Morgans, in 1984. She also designed stores all over the world for the great names in fashion, hotels and restaurants, and offices for government ministers and captains of industry. Her successes encouraged her natural penchant for eclecticism; she has worked on everything from the Musée de Beaux-Arts in Rouen, the CAPC (Contemporary Art Museum) in Bordeaux and the Guggenheim to the World's Fair in Seville, film sets for Peter Greenaway and Air France's Concorde.

Jean-Marie Massaud

A 1990 graduate of Paris' ENSCI-Les Ateliers (Paris Design Institute), Jean-Marie Massaud has become a protean creator who is internationally recognised for his work in the ?elds of design and architecture. Jean-Marie Massaud's generous and streamlined designs are well-known and highly esteemed for their elegant proportions. But beyond questions of form, his quest for lightness is based on a creative synthesis of economy of means, object utility, and accuracy in the response to the context.

Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders, the internationally renowned designer, grew up in Boxtel, the Netherlands, and graduated cum laude from the School of the Arts Arnhem in 1988. Marcel gained international recognition with his iconic Knotted Chair, which he produced for Droog Design in 1996. In 2001 he co-founded the successful design label Moooi, of which he is the art director. Collaborations with leading global brands followed: Baccarat, B&B Italia, Magis, Skitsch, Cappellini, Moooi, Xo…

Marcel Wanders has also worked on theatrical and surrealistic interior design projects such as the Mondrian South Beach hotel in Miami, the Villa Moda flagship store in Bahrain, the Mandarina Duck store in London, and the design of the luxury Lute Suite boutique hotel.

Recently, the Philadelphia Museum of Art featured Marcel Wanders' first solo exhibition entitled "Daydreams".

Ora Ïto

Ora-Ïto is the label and adopted name of the French designer who, at age 19, created the world's first virtual brand. This iconoclastic designer built up a worldwide reputation in the late nineties by creating  3D parodies of products by brands such as Louis Vuitton, Apple and Bic. His talent, adventuresome spirit and fresh vision of well-known brands soon made him a star on the international design scene, with an impressive portfolio of clients.

Named "Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres" in March of 2011, he unveiled in Milan that same year two futuristic monotypics.

He will soon debut an Airbus 320 that he designed, as well as the opening of his first hotel, Hotel O.

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