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Apr 1, 2017


Is there any other nation that would so much love adorning their women as peoples of India? From the top of the head, nostrils, forearms, waist, to the toe tips, in an Indian woman's arsenal there are pieces of sophisticated jewellery for any part of the body, making her absolutely unique, stunning, enigmatic and dazzling.


"Yes, but the massive jewellery meant for the compatriots of beautiful Mumtaz-Mahal, in honour of who Taj Mahal was erected, look too bright on the European women!", you might argue.

The matter is, for European ladies who share the awe of Indian women for the luxurious jewellery, there is a good news. Today we will tell you about two Indian brands which adopted the dazzling traditional Indian jewellery for the European market. They found a manner to lighten them while preserving their original sophistication and the richness of the national jewellery pattern.


The "it" and the visit card of the Indian Jewellery House Moksh, founded in 2004 by Milan Tanvir Chokshi, is the fine weaving of a rare king of pearls: tiny keshi pearls, amongst which all kinds of gems of different types of cut are woven. The variety of forms of their jewellery is dictated by the influence of ancient Mughal and Islamic architecture, slightly modernised. The brand bets on the possibility of wearing their jewellery not only for special occasions, but also in their day-to-day use.

Among the collections of the Moksh jewellery house, the one that stands out, is the limited edition Sveda collection. Its peculiarity is the combination of necklaces, bracelets, earrings of "chand balis" and "jhumkas" types with exquisite handmade shawls of the supreme quality Himalayan goat fibres, produced in Kashmir by the designs of Moksh. The price for the pieces ranges from €2500 to €8600.



This brand was founded in Mumbai, in 2010, by Puji Ghadi, a granddaughter of a famous Indian designer who was creating jewellery for the Maharaja. Kamyen doesn't have boutiques nor points of sales. They only create bespoke jewellery for clients by beforehand appointment, only using the highest quality large diamonds from Russia and Botswana, of all colours and cuts, elaborating the models of their future jewellery basing on the qualities of the gem. The production is executed at the brand's factories in India, Italy, and Switzerland. It is important to say, that the brand doesn't work with gems from conflict zones. The philosophy of aesthetics of Kamyen can be related as the harmonic balance of traditional Indian luxury and modern design, through perfection of every detail of each single piece, which is sure to be the only off and unique in the world – the jewellers never repeat their models, which are accompanied by the respective certificates.

To the eyes of the public, the Kamyen pieces are regularly represented at such international exhibitions as Doha Watch and Jewellery Expo, Bahrain Jewellery Arabia, Kuwait Jewellery Arabia, Jewellery Salon in Riyadh and Jeddah, as well as at the BaselWorld. 

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