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Jul 1, 2015

Better health with better food

In 1935 the probiotic industry gained a new and active element in the family: YAKULT, the probiotic drink that revolutionized the world of probiotics. Today spread around the world, Yakult helps you keep your health in place.


Dr Minoru Shirota was studying microbiology at the Medical School of Kyoto University, in the 1930's, and having the belief that intestinal health is a major factor in the body's life span, he decided to investigate and find a beneficial lactic acid bacteria that could help the body fight harmful bacteria, aiding in a time when healthcare was expensive and poor nutrition led to a high mortality rate.

He fulfilled his goal when he developed a type of bacteria that would reach the intestines. Up until now, all of the beneficial bacteria would be destroyed in the stomach, a never have any actual benefit. The good, resistant bacteria he discovered was named after him: Lactobacillus casei Shirota.

Once he fulfilled his goal, he now had to find a way to motivate people to eat probiotics every day. After all, it would help reducing the malnutrition and fight harmful bacteria. He did so by mixing his beneficial bacteria with a tasty, savory drink.

 YAKULT was born when Dr Shirota manufactured and distributed the drink for the Japanese market. The word YAKULT is a variation of the word yoghurt in Esperanto: Jahurto. Each bottle contains around 8 billion live and active good bacteria, and one or two bottles a day may help improve digestive balance and overall wellness. 

The brand continues Dr Shirota's work. Today, they are present all around the world, and the Yakult Central Institute, established in 1967, continues researching new ways to improve health to this day. Doctors, scientists and dietitians worldwide work together to help people with medical conditions and search ways the probiotics can reach and help as many people as they can, by even promoting education about healthier living.

 Yakult truly made a difference in the world, contributing to a healthy body and mind, and they still aim to continuously improve, and find new ways to prevent sickness, and promote the wellbeing of all.


Head office 1-19 Higashi Shimbashi 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Telephone 03-3574-8960

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