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Jan 31, 2016

Benefits of Orange on Health and the Economy

Winter is synonymous of flu and colds. The orange, rich in vitamin C, is the fruit capable of providing the body with the optimal amount of this vitamin to combat these seasonal conditions, but it also plays an important role in the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and its antioxidant effect helps to lose weight. Therefore, the production and marketing have much relief in world trade. Morocco ranks third in the market, so we decided to know one of the largest producers of Moroccan oranges - Best Capital Invest.


Let's go to its origin. It is in India where the reports about the origins of orange are located, and from there it spread throughout Asia and then, around Europe through Portugal. However, the uncertain origin of this fruit is also attributed to China and Japan. It is said that the sweet orange was brought to Europe in the XVI century by the portuguese, so the sweet oranges are designated as "portuguese" in several countries. For example, orange in greek is "portokali", and "portakal" in turkish, in romanian is "portocala", and "portogallo" in italian.

Despite this connection to Portugal, it is across the Strait of Gibraltar, just over 14 kilometres south of Spain, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, where one of the major producer of oranges lies, Morocco. Souss and Agadir are the key points of the agricultural and agro-industrial activities of the moroccan holding Best Capital Invest.

Active since 1988, it is a leader in the areas of distribution and new technologies and holds the Bestmark companies Top Computer, Bestlands and Clementina. In 2011, they also created a distribution of branded food products, Best Alimentary Distribution. After being established in the IT and telecommunications market, as the only operator in the global PC market in Morocco, it has diversified its activities through the agricultural and agro-industrial sector in 1997. Then the Bestlands-Clementina group was born, now a leader in Moroccan citrus industry, which main markets are: Russia, Canada, USA, Eastern Europe, and Saudi Arabia. Brazil and United States are the world's leaders in the trade of citrus fruit.

Bestlands brings together all the agricultural activities of Best Capital Invest. Dedicated to the cultivation of citrus fruits, clementines in particular, it represents an investment of over 200 million dirhams ($ 25M) in a Souss agricultural area of ​​400 hectares, where the production reached 10 000 tons. Although the harvest happens especially in the winter, the Souss climate allows for the production and exportation to take place from October to June.

The increased production gave birth, in 2011, to the citrus packing unit Clementina, which required an investment of 100 million dirhams ($ 13 million). The unit has the latest equipment in the areas of processing and cold storage. The exceptional taste and nutritional qualities of Moroccan clementines made them a world renowned product. Highlighting the Agadir Clementine brands, distinguished by taste, and Orange, offering a variety of large fruits. The social concerns, the environment and respect for international norms are values ​​that are cherished.

From Health to an Orange Branch

The medicinal properties of orange make it a distinctive product of Moroccan markets, where we find a lot of juice vendor's tents. Did you know that 60 mg of vitamin C is the recommended daily dose? Orange helps in the absorption of iron and prevent immunological diseases, it is a source of fiber and potassium, contributing to healthy gums and bones, and heal wounds.

Its antioxidant properties help to fight against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Folate, a vitamin B complex, has a protective effect on pregnancy. Vitamin C is also a skin ally in the reducing ageing.

Orange, a sensitive tree needs a great amount of water, is associated with a popular tradition - "the orange bouquets", used by brides as a sign of virginity, since its flowers, white and aromatic, are the last ones to bloom in the Spring.

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