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авг 1, 2016


Today, "Your VIP Partner" invites you to peep behind the curtain of an unusual theatre, whose actors are of overwhelming beauty - unique pieces of jewellery. The furniture, sound, colour, smells, light, movement, all is of great importance in boutiques and galleries of Jewellery Theatre of its Artistic Director and creator, Maxim Voznesensky.

At Jewellery Theatre, each visitor turns a spectator in front of whose eyes real theatrical performances are taking place; performances, which can't possibly leave indifferent even those who are more skeptics. The spectators, though, also have a chance to participate in the performance, helping the Theatre's genial jewellers create their own pieces choosing stones, or fantasising about the shapes of their future ring or a pendant. Inside of a piece of jewellery, as in a symbol, the attitude of one person to another is encrypted. It is like a message that will live in a jewel along centuries, keeping the history of the event to which it is dedicated for the descendants.

Let's peep behind the curtains

Jewellery Theatre was created in 1998 in Moscow, Russia, by talented artists and jewellers Maxim Voznesensky and Irina Dorofeeva. Practically right away the brand declared its position in the segment of luxury and started to participate in international exhibitions. The idea of joining the two worlds, the world of art and the world of jewellery, belonged to Irina Dorofeeva, now deceased. Virtually, many fine jewellery admirers tend to be theatre connoisseurs, and at Jewellery Theatre they find themselves submersed into a wonderful atmosphere of involvement into what is going on onstage, where the actors are earrings, brooches, rings, necklaces. A performance that a real theatregoer shouldn´t miss.

While, unusual, the idea was a success. The brand, one of the few Russian in the field of jewellery, can boast of having won international fame. It´s regular participation in the "Baselworld", an exhibition of watches and jewelry from international industry, held annually in Basel, Switzerland, proves it.

The opening of the flagship boutique in Mayfair, a London (United Kingdom) elite zone, in 2012, also started a new era in the history of the company.

The boutiques have expanded and now they can be visited in Moscow, London, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Baden-Baden, Germany; Limassol, Cyprus; Dubai, United Arab Emirates and in Marbella, Spain.

In 2004, Jewellery Theatre has manufactured a wedding present for the then heir to the Spanish throne, Prince Felipe with Letizia Ortiz. Three years later, craftsmen of the house created a crown for the "Miss Russia" competition.

Taking part in the performance

Jewellery Theatre that has 12 permanent collections, it has yet another line of jewellery, Maxim Voznesensky, a sort of an "imperial lodge of the Theatre", that also creates exclusive and original jewellery pieces. The difference is in the customer actually takes part in the jewellery creation by choosing materials, the colours and quality, explaining the idea and feelings which he is willing to enclose into the future masterpiece. Sometimes the theatre's Artistic Director, oneself, performs special requests. Some jewellery houses conceal the names of the craftsmen, so that you'd never know what jeweller created the piece, neither what designer had to do with it. Jewellery Theatre, though, has got catalogues where eight chief jewellers, possessors of registered stamps of their own, are listed. Thus, next to the "MV" and "Jewellery Theatre" stamps, there is the jeweller mark printed only in unique pieces, symbolizing the historical value of a particular piece.

The collections

Each collection from Jewellery Theatre is a play, and each jewel is an actor with a unique character, creating a product that results from the symbiosis between different types of art and traditions of the great Russian artists from the past.

The collections have very diverse themes. One of the most sophisticated collections of the brand, "Caravaggio", is performed with the basis on imagery of a classic of Italian Renaissance, Michelangelo da Caravaggio. Here, we find jewellery in the form of exotic fruits, bright orange, emerald kiwi, juicy apples and strawberry pulp, remembering the the still lifes of the Italian artist.

The "Fairy Tales" collection, inspired by folklore and Russian fairy tales, makes these childhood stories real to the spectator eyes. "The Elements", is another surprise by the Russian jewellery company. This collection embodies the counteraction of the natural elements, as if the two jewellery series were contrasting, "The Atlantics" and "The Fire".

You wouldn't be able to take your eyes from the collection "Flowers". Here you'll gaze at sky-blue cornflowers, yellow orchids, bright poppies, and even a lotus shining with its large pearl in the middle.

Already, in the jewellery brand "Maxim Voznesensky," are used only major gems and exceptional purity as diamonds, sapphires or rubies. Some of the pieces has pearls. Combined with black gold, stones shine with special and exotic beauty, a triumph in jewellery technology.

Not long ago, the brand also startsed to produce jewellery watches and sculptures of small rats, rabbits, squirrels and tigers with gold nuts, which delight the heart.

The spectators´s ovation

Besides the gems quality and the used material, the brand focuses especially on art and soul incorporated in the production of each piece, that results from inspiration and collaboration between brilliant designers and jewellers. Even the shyest actors, by bearing such a unique piece of art will be more confident, so that the ovations for the performance will not wait. For Maxim Voznesensky, "the sucess is, as in theatre, to have a full house".

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