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Oct 1, 2015

Bathroom reinvented

The Armatura Group is Poland's leading manufacturer in the sanitary fittings and heating industry. The member companies specialize in the manufacture of bathroom and kitchen faucets, aluminium radiators and a wide range of valves and ceramic sanitary ware.

Beginnings of the Armatura Group date back to 1922, when it started to produce bathroom and kitchen faucets and related articles cast from non-ferrous metals. During the years of World War I and World War II the factory and its business were transformed. Immediately after the liberation, the growing demand for the company's products strengthened its position and lay foundations for further growth.

In the segment of bathroom and kitchen faucets, the Armatura Group handles the full manufacturing cycle: from the design, through casting, mechanical working and metallic coating, to assembly and quality inspection of the final product. This guarantees excellent quality and reliability of the products, and allows them to more flexibly control the manufacturing process to suit market demand. At the end of 2011, when the Armatura Group's reorganization process was completed, the manufacture process of water faucets and showers has been focused at the high-tech Armatoora S.A's plant operating within the Special Economic Zone in Nisko. The Armatura Group's offer comprises 27 families of water faucets of Premium, Middle and Basic class – including thermostatic and special faucets. Among the shower sector offers are: rain showers, sliding showers, rotary point showers, and a whole range of shower accessories like shower handles and hoses. Meeting the customers' expectations, Armatura Group systematically verifies, enhances and expands the product offer, by launching new, attractive designs of faucets and showers. In August 2012 Armatura Group entered a new market segment - the sanitary ceramic ware - complementary to the Group's existing product offer and strengthening its activity.

Ongoing improvement of quality, following customer requirements and reacting to it, improving products both with regards to design and useful features, extending the range of products, improving quality parameters of produced assortment, training staff, building and improving quality system according to PN ISO 9001 standard and development towards complex management through quality, encouraging suppliers in improving their quality systems helps to keep quality level at highest.

The Armatura Group's strategy assumes a dynamic development of the ceramic sanitary ware
offering and combining these products as complementary with the sanitary fittings offer. Tapping the potential of RADIMP such as well organized production facilities, a 112 years tradition of high quality ceramic ware manufacture and using new wide distribution channels, Armadimp S.A. plans to build another significant segment of the Armatura Group's offer.

The offer of the Armatura Group is complete with custom-made products sold primarily to customers from Western Europe under B2B contracts. The products include mostly aluminium casts for the power and automotive sectors (Armatoora) and specialty valves (Armagor). In connection with the introduction of the new product group – sanitary ceramic ware – in 2012 Armatura Group has also established B2B cooperation with bathroom furniture manufacturers. The Armatura Group expanded its B2B customer base following acquisition of selected target companies. Sales in this segment are bound to grow as customers may also be offered other products marketed by the Group.

A key element of Armatura Kraków S.A's competitive advantage is its broad distribution network. They offer customers a comprehensive product suite through ten purchasing groups comprising over 300 sanitary fittings wholesalers, and 200 DIY chains, including Castorama, OBI or Leroy Merlin. To meet customer expectations as to consistent improvement in service quality, Armatura Kraków S.A. has developed a network of authorized after-sales service agents, performing repairs at the customer's home within 48 hours. Armatura Kraków S.A. was the first in Poland to offer a 100-year guarantee for cast components in all faucet models.

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