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Feb 1, 2017


A United States company is developing balloons that can help in a disaster situation and improve the effectiveness of weather forecasts.

In Arizona, United States of America (EUA), there is a company that intends to revolutionize the history of high-altitude ballooning. It is World View which, with a team of experts in high-altitude flights, is developing space balloons.

Called Stratollite, this is a service that promises to revolutionize the satellite industry. Stratollites has, according with the World View, high quality balloons with several advantages, namely the possibility to realize low cost flights, rapid implementation and permanent geospatial coverage. The expense associated with this service will be, according with the company, more accessible than the one required by the existing technology. To make the modern stratospheric balloon possible, it was necessary to use Tesla batteries, 3D printing, modern and electronic computing. These balloons do not have a propulsion system, they use the wind conditions to move in the stratosphere.

It is an innovative system that will allow to make several tracks: from the Earth circumnavigation to the assistance in a specific place. These balloons can be kept in a concrete zone for weeks or months, thus allowing sustained measurements and/or monitoring areas. They also have the advantage of carrying loads, releasing and bringing them safely after the mission's end.

The list of purposes is indeed varied and is intended to respond to the existing and emerging commercial and governmental needs. There are already some defined areas of action, namely communications (aiding disaster and assistance, extending communication to Third World countries), remote sensing (to obtain real-time data on, for example, agriculture or traffic in a city), and weather forecasts.

World View is a pioneer company in stratospheric economics, as they say. To emphasize that, the technology developed is creating new commercial possibilities all over the world.

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