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Dec 31, 2015

Automotive Soul

NPP ITELMA is a financially stable scientific industrial holding with an efficient management system, significant engineering and technical resources, based in Moscow, Russia, that integrates a number of enterprises specializing in the production of the broad range of the automobile components. Each of these enterprises is a contemporary manufacturing facility satisfying the strictest requirements of the International standards of the production manufactured.


NPP ITELMA supplies its products to the leading automobile assembly plants of Russia, such as AutoVAZ, GAZ, and others.

The production facilities of NPP ITELMA are all featured by the highest production quality, the most innovative technology and equipment, highly qualified staff, perfect market knowledge, strict fulfillment of all the responsibilities undertaken, flexible system of dealing with the customers.

All these qualities allow NPP ITELMA to hold a leading position in its field, being one of the major manufacturers of electronic components for domestic and foreign users.

The management of NPP ITELMA realizes that efficient company development is only possible when its employees are happy with the working conditions, are confident in their future, have opportunities for creative and career growth, feel they are full-fledged members of the team whose success is based on success and well-being of each individual.

One of the basic principles of human resources policies is to give priority to promotions inside the company, which provides employees with big opportunities for professional and carrier advancement. This purpose is served through a whole network of professional training courses that are conducted by specialists with the highest skills.

The company has a state-of-the-art technical base with highly skilled engineering and scientific personnel, including specialists in system technologies, schematic technologies, programmers, designers, electrical and mechanical engineers and technicians, which makes it possible to constantly expand its product list, upgrade the products and develop new sophisticated parts that meet the requirements of the most current world standards. An impressive list of patents and inventions that were implemented in production is the best proof of the quality of work being done by company's engineers and designers.

Regular participation in seminars and training sessions conducted by leading component manufacturers allows employees of the Research and Development departments to maintain a high level of professionalism.

Mandatory use of FMEA procedures - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - during all stages of component development: schematic solution – mock-up and test samples – design – manufacturing process guarantees the required level of product development quality.

The company uses a pilot assembly platform with modern equipment where potential assembly problems are identified at very early stages of development, and corrected making sure they do not occur in commercial production.

An excellent test center equipped with a wide range of testing equipment, including heat, cold, humidity and thermal shock cells, vibration flow benches, salt spray chambers, and other specialized equipment provides an opportunity to assess the quality of schematic and design decisions made at mock-up and prototyping stages, which, in the long run, helps to reduce the product development lead time and ensure the required quality.

Testing product functionality after each manufacturing process operation at all assembly stages guarantees high final product quality.

The strategic objective of the ITELMA R&D departments is to provide Russian automotive manufacturers with modern components that are competitive in terms of the functional level, technological application, and price.

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