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Fev 1, 2015

A History to be Told

2014 marked the 130th year of Bulgari, a name emblematic of Italian excellence. Emboldened by 2,700 years of Roman history, Bulgari honors its rich past with modern designs.

An exhibition gallery, a sitting area, a treasure trove: located on the first floor of the historic store in Via Condotti 10, DOMVS is a place in which the story of the Brand and of its stylistic evolution will be told by regularly updated displays of the splendid unique pieces belonging to the Heritage Collection, supported by vintage photographs and sketches.

DOMVS will also display images and belongings of the unforgettable divas whose extraordinary charm was celebrated and accented by Bulgari creations: Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani, Ingrid Bergman, Anita Eckberg, Gina Lollobrigida and many others. The name DOMVS - "home" in Latin – was chosen to convey the intimate and welcoming nature of rooms which will host the heart and roots of Bulgari. DOMVS is a space for Bulgari aficionados and those who wish to immerse themselves in its world, experiencing all the magic of art, of glamour and of the skilled craftsmanship of the 130 years of its history. A unique place, where History comes to life, dynamic and pulsating, bringing new reflections and facets to the present. DOMVS will offer all of this and will also hold cultural events, performances, and private exhibitions of works of art.
This exclusive and reserved place, is accessible by appointment only.
To reserve a visit, contact: or +39 06 688101

Bulgari's Heritage Collection consists of around six hundred unique pieces, including jewels, watches and accessories created over decades. This exceptional collection is supported by a wealth of over sixty thousand documents, vintage photographs and sketches – the supreme skill and care of these hand drawings make them works of art in themselves. The Heritage Collection is the result of devoted research and archival work, with many items purchased from auctions and private collections over more than twenty years. The story told in the Heritage Collection begins with the silverware forged by the founder Sotirio Bulgari at the end of the XIXth century, continuing with the diamond jewels of the 20s and the 30s inspired by Art Deco.
The pieces from the 40s show how Bulgari's creativity managed to express itself even when the war made gold difficult to obtain, while the jewels of the 50s and the 60s already show that unique combination of harmonious shapes, sumptuous stones and daring colour combinations which are now seen as emblematically "Bulgari". The first examples of the bracelets and watches with the undulating Serpent motif are of course also here, as are the famous Monete creations, the splendid "extra large" sautoirs of the 70s and the kaleidoscope chokers of the 80s. A galaxy of stellar creations and inspired design which tell the story of how Bulgari acquired its fame as a jeweller-artist with an extraordinary ability in intensifying the innate beauty of stones by revealing their soul, from the pure light of diamonds to the infinite tones of the coloured stones. Special mention must be made of the collection of jewels which once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, bought back by Bulgari in 2011: these spectacular objects include the engagement ring she was given by Richard Burton – a splendid seven-carat Columbian emerald – or the emerald and diamond brooch which was then modified to also serve as a pendant for a fairy-tale necklace, another token of Burton's love. The magnificent sautoir with an over-sized pendant with its exceptional 50 carat sapphire, again a gift from Burton, this time for the actress's fortieth birthday, is also back in Bulgari's possession. For Lucia Boscaini, Bulgari Brand and Heritage Curator, "the Heritage Collection is an inestimable asset for us as it encapsulates the essence of Bulgari, highlighting its ability to constantly reinvent itself while also maintaining a strong identity. It is an unmissable resource for anybody who wishes to know more about Bulgari, its roots and its fascinating stylistic evolution." Now as in the past, the Heritage Collection helps create the most iconic images of Bulgari: worn by actresses, its jewels feature on the red carpet of Cannes and of the Oscars and star in photographic shoots for publications from all over the world.

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