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Jul 1, 2015

Amusing families for 65 years

Bergantino is a small town in north-east Italy, with a long tradition of carousel making since the 1940's. Known as "The Village of the Ride", many of its inhabitants have devoted their careers to the production of expertly crafted amusement rides.

In September 1950 Romolo Fabbri launched his first creation into the market: the 'AVIO' (Aeroplane Ride) – with vehicles rising up in the air – specifically designed for travelling showmen that soon found great success. Driven by this enthusiastic outcome, a few years later, Fabbri added a new effect, turning the ride into a game, having passengers "shooting" at each other; 'AVIO' evolved into TELECOMBAT, a real 'combat' in the air.

In the early 70's the direction of the company was taken over by Licinio Fabbri, the founder's son, while Romolo continued actively with the creation and designing of new attractions, constantly increasing and improving FABBRI's production. At that time the boundaries of the Italian market became too small for the FABBRI Company, which then expanded its activities to the entire European continent.

In the 80's the target became the world market. FABBRI's continuing success today is marked by advanced technology, quality, concern for safety, and creative imagination, features that have made the company a leader in the manufacture of attractions for Parks and Travelling Showmen.

The success of the Company with some of the most popular rides like the Telecombat, Tagadà, Pirate Ship, Wheels, and Flying Carpet further increased in 1986 with the creation of the Kamikaze ride. Fabbri sold over 170 units in 14 years. In more recent years other rides like Evolution, Mega Drop, and Booster have strengthened the FABBRI Group history.

Rather than concentrating production in only one facility, the FABBRI family established several affiliate companies, located in nearby towns, each specialized in its own type of ride and still paying careful attention to quality and cost controls.

The rides are exported not just to Europe but all over the world, from the Far East to Australia, from the USA to Central and South America. All of the amusement industries needs from Kiddie rides, Family rides, Major rides, Extreme rides and Roller Coasters are available through the FABBRI Group.

Contacts: FC Fabbri Park Srl, Via dell'Artigianato 243, 45032 Calto

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