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Jul 1, 2015

Always innovative, always new

Novotel is on a class of its own, combining excellent service and facilities with optimal prices and locations all around the world. From urban hotels to exquisite resorts, Novotel is a worldwide reference for all clients.


In 1967 a new and innovative line of hotels was born: Novotel, in Lille Lesquin. It was the first hotel to offer 62 rooms, 25m² in size, all of the same design standard, spacious, with private bathrooms, a television and telephone, together with meeting facilities, a swimming pool and private parking. And yet another innovation, a fully air-conditioned hotel. At that time, it was a new concept, never before seen.

Since then, the brand has opened almost 400 hotels and resorts in 60 countries. Novotel hotels are designed to respond to the needs of both business and leisure travelers alike, it is its central concept. The hotels also have an environmental program. In 2007, Novotel committed to an international program of environmental and social certification: Green Globe. Novotel's target is to have the totality of its hotels committed to Green Globe 

Novotel hotels were conceived as places for relaxing from the outset. The brand's hotels are committed to offering original recreation options for relaxation and leisure for all of their guests, whether they are travelling with a company, alone or as a family. The design, with focus on natural light, modern décor, surrounding music that changes through the day, makes the experience unique. The line of hotels allows the check-out on Sundays to be made until 5 p.m., in order for clients to really make the most of the weekend.

Novotel Resorts.

Novotel also features twenty six resort hotels, spread through 9 countries: Réunion Island, Egypt, Bahrain, France, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and French Polynesia. The hotels offer a holiday experience perfectly adapted to suite everyone's taste with an impressive range of leisure and entertainment activities. Novotel Resorts are at one with their environment, in harmony with its surroundings. More than anything else a Novotel Resort hotel is a place where everyone is able to enjoy a break at their own pace with many activities available, from discovering the local culture to sport and recreational facilities. 

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