Oct 1, 2016


Over the last 25 years, cell phones have gained such an important role in our lives that, today, there is the necessity to use them at any time. This led to the development of a device, fundamental to answer to this need: the powerbank, or portable charger.


There are many devices that are a part of daily life - cell phones, tablets headphones, portable computers, among many other gadgets. Some of them, especially increase their battery consumption when connected to the internet, whether via Wi-Fi, or via a mobile data service. This makes it difficult for those who, for example, work their jobs through this device, and needs to be continuously connected to the web, whether for making calls, reading e-mails, or managing social networks.

A powerbank is a portable battery charger that doesn't need to be connected to the electric current, gaining the status of essential for those who travel a lot and constantly need to be online. Although there is the possibility of buying and carrying extra batteries for each device, this is not a practical nor inexpensive option. On the contrary, a powerbank is totally portable and its weight is more or less reduced, depending on the manufacturer.

Each user's personal requisites will determine the type of powerbank that is more adequate. To charge only a cell phone, a small and simple charger of 15mA/H (milliampere/hour) should be enough, and adequate even for an emergency situation. To charge a tablet, a charger with more capacity is more suitable.

The specificities and requirements of each device to be charged should be thoroughly checked, because there can be differences in the voltage, which not only will determine the speed of the charging, but that can also damage the device. In this sense, the usage and storage instructions of the powerbank should be checked, so as not to damage its functions. One of the situations to avoid, is placing the powerbank close to other devices that can get too warm, as high temperatures could irreversibly ruin the device.

Almost all powerbanks are recharged through USB connections, and can even be recharged by being connected to a portable, or a personal computer. On the other hand, the connections of the devices that are to be charged should also be confirmed, because different brands can have different charging connections. After fully charged, the powerbank is ready be used at any time.

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