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Dec 31, 2015

African Cement

AfriSam is a leading supplier of superior quality construction materials and technical solutions. Their cement, readymix concrete and aggregate materials have been making significant contributions to infrastructure development on the African continent over the last 80 years.


They provide a vertically integrated cement, aggregate and concrete business, enabling the company to cater to all customers' requirements from one central place. With 6 cement production facilities, 9 cement depots, 16 quarries and aggregate operations, 40 readymix concrete plants, the company can supply to all three major urban growth nodes.

With their strong and trusted history spanning 80 years, they have come to be known as a well-respected and admired African brand. Pioneers in retail support tools and advanced in the field of composite cements with C-Tech, AfriSam is also the largest producer of aggregate materials and the largest supplier of construction materials in southern Africa by volume. The company is a reliable supplier to meet any building needs, big or small.

Through years of research and development, AfriSam cement products have been specially engineered to extract maximum value from the use of mineral components. Using their C-Tech technology, the company's products offer distinct advantages over pure cements.

While pure Portland cement has served mankind well for over a century, its high carbon footprint and often relatively inferior performance in many concrete applications compared to composite cements render it a product of bygone times.

As part of efforts to conserve the environment, AfriSam has perfected the art of producing composite cements using additives such as Fly Ash, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) and limestone as partial replacement for cement. These products are known to have pozzolanic properties, known to behave like pure cements in the presence of cement or lime. Not only does this practice of re-cycling by-products from other industries minimise harm to the environment, but these additives enhance the performance of cement and offer advantages over Ordinary Portland Cement. Fly Ash is a by-product of coal-powered power stations while GGBFS is from the steel industry.

The values of AfriSam are: People, Planet and Performance, which form the basis of every decision they make. AfriSam is passionate in the collective cause to conserve our planet. As such, they use natural resources in a deliberated way and actively pursue activities that support sustainable development. Their values of 'People, Planet, Performance' represent the commitment and responsibility towards customers and communities, and the environment. They are committed to producing environmentally-friendly products with the lowest carbon footprint possible without compromising on quality. They realise that the industry has a huge impact on the environment. As businesses and as humans, they cannot continue to sit back and ignore the inevitable. AfriSam owes it itself and future generations to do the right thing.

As AfriSam conducts its day-to-day business, the interests of their customers and stakeholders are always top-of-mind. It is important to AfriSam that they form relationships with the right industry bodies, particularly as these are the organisations whose purpose is to look out for custormers' interests and who share their views and values.

The people are their most valuable asset. It therefore makes sense employees' health and safety is of utmost importance to them. By implementing SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) best practice, AfriSam's Health and Safety policy regulates the way all the operations are conducted. The company is fully committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment at all their sites and businesses at all times.

The policy not only promotes the safety of their employees but that of all other people who visit their premises including customers, contractors and visitors alike.

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