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Jul 1, 2015

A touch of hair

There's a little known fact in the world of cinema that goes unnoticed behind all the attention laid in the movies. It doesn't ever cross anyone's mind to worry about such detail. But, as a matter of fact, the wigs wore in a large number of movies (more than a hundred) since the 1940's were made by a single company from Italy: Rocchetti & Rocchetti.

Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge, Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette, Sophia Loren,
Robert deNiro are all names of people who wore these world renowned wigs.

It all started in 1874, when the first Rocchetti man, Giuseppe Rocchetti, opens Parrucche Rocchetti, in Rome, working mainly for the theatre. That is until the early 1900's, when his son Manlio became the designer and makeup artist for Rome's Regio Teatro dell'Opera, after improving his wig-making in Paris. He moved the shop to Via Monte della Farina, where he work for the remaining of his life. But after his death, the shop didn't end. His wife, Vittoria, took on the task of continuing the business, helped by her husband's workers. 

In 1948, the management of the studio is taken up by Silvano Rocchetti, Manlio's third son, who with thanks to his wife Fernanda, sister-in-law Luigina Centi, and sister Fiamma, expanded the company, and by 1970, Rocchetti & Carboni was born, a collaboration with Rino Carboni, and the acquisition of the Maggi and Palombi wig-labs made the company one of the industry's most important contributors on an international level. 

The Rocchetti family has worked for the cinema world, manufacturing wigs for well-known movies like Cleopatra, La Dolce Vita, Ben-Hur, among so so many others. They work for the television too! The Borgias feature works by the company, as well as theatre plays.

Their wigs are always perfect, and perfected, taking every detail under consideration, with several kind of wigs, choosing the right one for each need. They make from tulle/lace frame entirely by hand and featuring two or three real hair fibers for every small lock of hair (these are the most valuable), to those spun by textile machines featuring artificial hair, with many steps in between. When collaborating with the film industry an exact mold of the actor's head is created, so the resulting frame fits like a glove.

Until this day, the quality of the wigs continues to be improved, always aiming toward bettering the knowledge, and adding even more to the over forty years of experience of Manlio Rocchetti, even though wig-making is not the only service provided by the company: makeup, special effects/aging, special effects/sculpting, beards, mustaches and sideburns.

Rocchetti & Rocchetti Srl
Via Gregorio VII 472
00165 Rome
Tel +39 06 6625 224 
Fax +39 06 6628 646

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