May 1, 2017


Seeing emails or watching a movie are increasingly easy gestures to perform. That such could depend on a simple touch on the skin is more hard to believe. This is possible with the "Cicret", a smart bracelet that transmits the display of the smartphone in the arm, thanks to eight sensors and a pico projector.

Wear a bracelet, that's what it's all about, because this smart bracelet recently created, allows you to do operations on your smartphone without, even, having to take it out of your pocket.

Developed by a French company with the same name, it is a gadget that includes the bracelet and the privacy application, which although conceived, was raising the necessary sum, 500,000 dollars, by the end of the previous year, to be able to go for the marketing stage. According with the mentor of this device, Guillaume Pommier, «we have many investors and people interested. If we stopped now, we would lose the money».

Smaller than Google Glass or Apple Watch, this Smartphone Bracelet uses a pico projector to show what's on the phone's display through the user's skin. The sensors detect the fingers touch allowing interaction with the device. To activate the bracelet, simply turn the wrist quickly.

The bracelet included a processor that analyses the data entry and forwards it to the device. In addition to being equipped with the Android operating system, the bracelet vibrates, is waterproof and resistant to rain. Another of the peculiarities is that it doesn´t require the SIM card, since the contents of it are programmed entirely in the hardware. The charging, one of the daily gestures, is simultaneously one of the most appealing aspects, thanks to battery life, whose duration is indefinite and it recharges with the body´s movement.

According with Guillaume Pommier, «the bracelet is expected to include an accelerometer for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a micro-USB port».

The product has already begun to be marketed, by order, in early 2017. It can be said that, to have a smartphone under your skin, you must pay approximately 300 dollars (268 euros).

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