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Feb 1, 2017


The year that ended will be marked by the disappearance of important figures in the world music scene: David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen and George Michael are the most louder names. It will also be remembered in the world's history for the attribution of the "Nobel Prize in Literature" to the American musician Bob Dylan.

Already the current year is aiming to have its mark out of the world music news. Some of the most important bands of our days have new records launching schedules and, some of them, have been expected for a long time. Here is what it's known so far.

Seven years after the fourth album, the virtual band Gorillaz, is back to the main musical scene, with a new original album, to be launched in 2017. There is no sure date for the launching, yet. The band, however, unveiled a theme of political intervention a few days before the inauguration of the new US president ("Hallelujah Money"), with the participation of another American musician, Benjamin Clementine. As for the new album, it is known that it included collaborations like Snoop Dog and De La Soul.

The Canadians Arcade Fire will also be back to the disco shelves. Will Butler, leader of the band, already noticed that, Spring will be the most likely timing for this new "attack" to the world's records Tops. However, it´s not yet confirmed if the most recent theme "I Give You Power", counting on Mavis Staples as guest, will be in the new record´s alignment.

The british Arctic Monkeys are celebrating fifteen years in 2017, whereby there could be no better gift for the fans than a new record up to the middle of the year. The band never had passed more than two years without presenting a new work, but the fifth band record "AM" is already from 2013. It's very important to stay tuned to the Sheffield's quartet, England.

New Zealand's Lorde was only 17 when she launched her debut original song record: "Pure Heroin", in 2013. The successful theme "Royals", didn't pass unnoticed and earned her two "Grammys" in 2014. Over her second record, the singer already said it «will have the best lyrics she has written», and that it can be launched tomorrow or in a few months. It's most likely to have its launch by spring 2017.

From Denmark are blowing news from The National. The band´s leader, Matt Berninger, claimed in an interview for Rolling Stone Magazine, the next record will be the darkest they ever made. In the same interview, the musician announced the records theme will be about failing marriages and that the lyrics are being written by him and his wife. Nevertheless, he rushed to say that «our marriage is doing quite fine», so there can be no misunderstandings.

Still the winds are blowing from northern Europe bringing us news to the successor of "Songs of Innocence", from 2014, by the Irish U2. It's already know it will be called "Songs of Experience", and that, the quartet wrote more than 50 songs for it. In between, there have been some tribulations, with the loss of a Bono's laptop, where were stored some of the themes, still being worked. It is expected to be launch at the beginning of the year, however, this is a vague concept.

Some already think the veterans Fleetwood Mac (a band formed in 1967) have already stored away their guitars, but 14 years after their last album, there are great expectations awaiting the return of Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks and John McVie's band. It should have been finished by Christmas 2016, but some of the production details have stalled its launch for the current year as well.

The north American grunge band, from Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil, Soundgarden, will also be back, although, it's expected to be at the end of the year. Meanwhile, the band is still in studio, but Kim Thayil said to "Wrif" magazine that some of the lyrics are already written and composed. Late 2016, it was launched the 25th anniversary special edition of the album "Badmotorfinger".

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