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Dec 1, 2017


The castle of Monsaraz - a medieval village where different peoples and cultures have lived throughout history - casts its atavistic gaze on this extraordinary property, nestled in its foothills.


Perhaps one of the most beautiful and genuine rural hotels in the area, Monte do Laranjal stretches over six acres of land and has a beautiful house of about 1,000m2, remodelled with local materials and respecting the Alentejo architectural traces.

Furnished elegantly and characterized by an artistic ambience – country chic, according to some visitors -  the house has 23 rooms, with a large main entrance, 4 livings, dining room, library, office with WC, 10 good sized bedrooms, 7 suites and a lovely attached house with 3 bedrooms, double living room, kitchen, bathroom and private garden. It has a large and bright main kitchen, several storage rooms, laundry room and changing rooms. All bedrooms are equipped with fridge, air conditioning, television and internet.

An ample shed allows you to enjoy, at any time of the day, the outdoor environment and the magnificent view, whilst enjoying a drink.

A marvellous saltwater pool overlooking the castle and surrounded by gardens and served by an independent kitchen complete this large house, used today partly as a country hotel, although it is completely licensed for local accommodation.

In this area, nature radiates a generous telluric energy and all the plantations grow luxuriantly. The vast rose garden provides inhabitants with roses for most of the year, and the organic garden supplies abundant, pesticide and chemical fertilizers-free products.

Located at 2 minutes drive from Alqueva, the largest artificial lake in Europe, the property has an idyllic orange grove – after which it is named - with 170 orange trees and dozens of thousand-year-old olive trees. The property rests on a huge reservoir of water, being completely autonomous from this point of view. It is also equipped with solar panels, two systems of photovoltaic panels and has three entrances.

Monsaraz is one of the most iconic places in Portugal, being part of the UNESCO world heritage indicative list and is one of the seven wonders of this country in the category of villages-monument. Since last summer, it also has a well-equipped river beach. The local cuisine is known for its excellence and there are plenty of restaurants in the area.

Visitors can take pleasure in the numerous megalithic monuments scattered throughout the region, horse-drawn carriage rides, idyllic pedestrian walks, cycling and bird watching.

The proximity to the Spanish border (15kms) facilitates travel to the neighbouring country and the city of Badajoz is just over an hour away. The property is situated 50kms away from Évora, a museum-city, whose roots go back to Roman times, and which was once royal residence, back in the 15th century. The historical centre of Évora is part of the World Heritage.

This is also an exceptional place for star-gazing. The Alqueva sky, dark and velvet like, appears, packed with a myriad of shiny stars, before the mesmerized observer. Hence it being a protected area, internationally certified as a Dark Sky Reserve, extending over an area of 3.000km2.

As a rural hotel or as a private country house, this property is a haven of tranquility and beauty embedded in a totally natural environment. Ideal for artists, writers, people looking for a closer bond with nature or simply as a holiday home for a large family.

Dedicated and friendly staff, native of the Alentejo province, make sure all works smoothly in Monte do Laranjal.

Contacts * * Rua Manuel de Arriaga, 99 A/B – Outeiro de Polima * 2785-153 S. Domingos de Rana – Portugal * Tel: +351 21 606 94 97

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