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Jan 31, 2016

A Minimal Realm

Jewelry is a pleasure that is very hard to satisfy. We can stay in a boutique for hours and never find the right piece. Enter Mirta, a sublime, simple, yet so very complete collection of jewelry, where minimal is not only a concept – it's touchable.

Andrea Simic was studying architecture, and during an ongoing material research project, she came up with the idea of merging architectural design principles with traditional silversmithing techniques. The result is a soft but definitive collection that redefines archetypal jewelry forms with a focus on clean technical detailing. Each piece is handmade by Andrea, and her studio is based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Mirta jewelry is composed of selected materials, like 925 Sterling Silver, or oxidized silver and even natural raw stones. Andrea oxidizes the silver by hand, which results in color variations that give it a true artisanal touch without losing its flair. Together with the natural wear off and fading over time, each piece will develop its own character, making it even more unique and personal.

Since these materials are delicate and subject to external agents, there is a maintenance that needs to be done to keep the beauty of each piece.  For starters, you should prevent the jewelry from coming into contact with cleaning or beauty products.

Oxidized sterling silver will wear over time, revealing the sterling silver beneath for a beautiful unique finish, but if not cared for, it may get uneven. The oxidation can be renewed using liver of sulfur solution at a local jeweler or at your home, or you can send your pieces directly to Andrea for re-oxidation. The sterling silver can be cleaned with silver cleaner solution and cloth.

Sublime Pieces

This is a polished sterling silver ring completely handmade from a single sterling silver bar. It is hand forged, soldered and hand polished for mirror shine. The band is 1.6mm wide, and cantilevered portion of the bar is about 25mm in length.

A deep blue Moroccan azurite stone is held with 6 prongs. The setting is modeled and forged to emphasize the stone's unique geometry. The stone sits laterally to the band, filling the groove between two fingers. The azurite is the same as it came from the nature, no polishing or faceting, and all metal parts are oxidized sterling silver. A one of a kind ring.

A completely handmade 9ct gold earring. Each earring is a solid 9ct gold bar with rounded edges in polished finish. Earring measures 27mm in length, and the bar is 1.2mm wide, and it is sold individually or as a pair.

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