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Sep 1, 2016


A person spends on average some eight to ten hours a day sleeping. To sleep well, one has to pay attention to the bedclothes, and the kind of bed linen that will provide the sweetest dreams. If you had never thought about it, try botanic linen made of … eucalyptus

Lenzing is an Austrian company that has been producing the first generation of "wooden" cloth – viscose, for the past 75 years, and in 1988, invented and patented another lyocell fibre of eucalyptus, well known in the world of the textile industry as TENCEL®, having started a new chapter in the history of fibres.

The fiber is extracted of the eucalyptus, which are fast-growing trees, that consume carbon dioxide all their life long, producing oxygen through photosynthesis and water. This is the main concept of the TENCEL® textile made of eucalyptus: photosynthesis is the only by-product of the manufacturing process, which means that literally the more TENCEL® cloth is produced, the more oxygen is generated on Earth.

Eucalyptus grows on infertile lands, where no agriculture is possible. Eucalyptus forests do not need any irrigation nor fertilizers or pesticides (unlike cotton plantations), the manufacturing process of TENCEL® consumes 20 times less water than that of cotton. From the harvest of 6m2 of cotton plantation, just one t-shirt can be made, while from a eucalyptus plantation of the same area, ten t-shirts could be manufactured. TENCEL® fibres are quickly biodegradable in soil, thus giving life to new plants.

Nowadays TENCEL® doesn't have analogues, and is considered to be one of the best materials for making bed clothes, due to its unique properties. The hygroscopicity of TENCEL® is higher, making it capable of quickly absorbing much more moisture than cotton. This feature is especially important for bed linen. Furthermore, its outstanding microstructure allows for the almost momentaneous vaporisation of the absorbed moisture, thus preventing dust mites and microorganisms, that reproduce in wet environments, from appearing in the fibres of your bed linen, pillows and blankets. Because eucalyptus is the raw material for your bed linen, a tree famous for its antibacterial properties, it provides you with perfect protection against pathogenic bacteria.

Goods made of this material are very breathable, so the oxygen reaches your skin without obstacles. In the hot weather, the cloth has a cool touch, and when it is chilly, it maintains the warmth of your body.

The TENCEL® cloth is antistatic and doesn't crumple. It has a silky texture, its structure allows for fine embroided patterns, which are quite resistant to mechanic and environmental influences, retaining saturation and brightness of colour.

Lenzing went as far as creating the complete "botanic bed", having integrated TENCEL® components into all parts of a bedding system, providing its clients with an exceptional sleep experience: a mattress made of special polyurethane foam Cellpur® mixed with TENCEL® powder, TENCEL® bed covers, pillows, and blankets, fillings of TENCEL® FILL, and TENCEL® MICRO. A farewell to insomnia.

Apart from TENCEL®, Lenzing has three more brands: Lenzing Modal®, extracting modal fibres of beech wood, famous for its softness; Lenzing Viscose®, producing premium quality viscose used in clothing and hygiene sectors; and Lenzing FR®, making fire-resistant fibres of beech wood.

The company's innovative products are very ecological, good for the health, and resource saving. The departments of this Austrian company also exist in Czech Republic, Great Britain, United States of America, Indonesia, China, and India.

Lenzing Technik GmbH
Werkstraße 2
4860 Lenzing

Phone.: +43 (0)7672 701-2202
Fax: +43 (0)7672 96858


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